16 year old girls night after being knocked down was dragged 7 kilometers (map) xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

16 year old girls night after being knocked down was dragged 7 kilometers (Figure) original title: Jining 16 year old girl was knocked down by a rainy night mysteriously disappeared after being towed 7 km scene photos bloody girls was found dead. (police for map) police in the investigation of the vehicle. Newspaper reporter Su Hongyin photo October 27th evening, Xiao Yin 16 years old girl (a pseudonym) in a rainy night riding the electric car knocked down by a car, a witness report, strangely, the police rushed to the scene, looked around every corner, did not find her figure. Is the driver away or otherwise? The police investigation and the night, to uncover the truth. The original was knocked down by a car in front, behind a car she will be involved in the vehicle drag on high speed. Second days earlier, at a speed of about 7 kilometers, the police found her mutilated body. At present, two car accident drivers are appearing in court. The electric car was knocked down and injured mysteriously disappeared on October 27th at 6 in the evening of 09, high tech Zone Traffic Police Brigade accident shares police received police said a middle-aged man, Nitto high-speed Jining export 1 km south of highway 614, a electric bike lady was knocked down by a car on the ground, and was seriously injured, as if behind a vehicle rolling, two cars were escaping. After the alarm, police rushed to the scene of accident of investors. "We found at the scene by the electric bicycle knocked down, and a pair of left motor vehicle license plate." High tech Zone Traffic Police Brigade accident unit Chi Yuanzhao said, when the night falls, the air kept underground the rain, the scene can not see traces of collision and blood. However, the most bizarre is that the injured were missing, police investigators how can not find the scene of the electric car drivers. "At first, we thought we had hit the green belt, but we didn’t find the green belt around it." Police to expand the scope of the search, near the road ditch, the village trail have been looking for a time, still not seen the injured figure. The injured are 120 away or be the driver of the car rushed to a nearby hospital? According to speculation, police contact 120, however, the staff did not reply to the time of the 120 points in the vicinity to pull the wounded. The police then split up to contact the surrounding township hospitals, also found no people will be injured to hospital. In the search process, the police found a human body near the scene of the incident, the suspect is the brain tissue of the injured. "At this time, we judge the injured seriously." Chi Yuanzhao said that everyone was very worried, but the strange disappearance of the injured so that events become increasingly hazy. Scene of the crime. (police for map) monitoring and restore the scene, the injured may be rolled two times according to the investigation, the police made further bold speculation, things are likely to exist in two cases. "Is a driver of the vehicle will be injured away, hidden people’s eyes and ears, hide or body; on the other hand, the site of the incident near the East high-speed Jining mouth, he was dragged on the car involved in the vehicle speed." On the one hand, according to the police investigation after the license plate number of black car driver. On the other hand, the surveillance video retrieval of contact at the intersection of high speed highway management office. Things are finally a Mayan silk相关的主题文章: