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4.37 light-years away just discovered habitable planet, Russia’s $100 million they intend to build the detector to BI Chinese station reported on August 25th over the technology industry’s biggest names, have to be interested in space exploration, such as musk, Amazon and other well-known Internet today, Russian investor Milner (Yuri Milner), is prepared to pay $one hundred million to exploration of an earth like planet. Milner announced the plan as early as April. The name of the program is "Breakthrough Starshot", Milner plans to use a micro air vehicle, relying on a powerful laser to drive, the speed can reach 20% of the speed of light. In the beginning, Milner and another famous physicist Hocking once said, they want to explore the destination planet is "Alpha Centauri", this is a stellar system recently from earth, between the earth and the distance of 4.37 light-years. But today it is known that Alpha Centauri is not suitable for human habitation. Another major discovery in the field of astronomy has recently decided to change Milner’s quest for Starshot. This Wednesday, astronomers announced that they had found a "Proxima B", the terrestrial planets may be suitable for biological survival. The planet orbits a red dwarf "Proxima Centauri", while the Proxima Centauri and above Alpha Centauri, 1 trillion and 600 billion km away. Rob, a physicist at the Harvard University and chairman of the Starshot Exploration Program Advisory Committee, Loeb (Avi) told the media that the new findings provide new targets for the human space exploration program. He said, equipped with cameras and color filters of the aircraft can be shooting color photos of the earth like planets can, and analyze whether it is green (there are signs of life), blue (sea surface, there is (only) or brown rock). Milner’s team hopes to 30 years after the launch of the aircraft in 20 years, about 20 years later to arrive in Proxima Centauri, Proxima B and then to see photos. Because the distance is too far away, so it takes 4.24 years to photograph the earth. It is estimated that Starshot plans to shoot Proxima B photos of time, about 2060. How to fly in April, Milner Starshot said the exploration plan would come up with $one hundred million, MAV developed a proof of concept, this aircraft is only iPhone size, the team will launch a large number of aircraft, they need 25 years to Alpha Centauri. These so-called nano – aircraft include a miniature spacecraft and a laser sail for propulsion. Milner said that this is the space flight of the Silicon Valley solution". This plan of the nano aircraft, named "StarChip", they will []相关的主题文章: