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5 well-known brokerage Friday bullish 6 plates 55 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience in electronic games veteran: from science and technology evolution recommended 12 stocks of Olympic Games is always the best exhibition center of cutting-edge technology, we can from the center based on you can see the future direction of development of electronic industry. When change the direction of technological innovation in the industry, the electronics industry as the cornerstone of the construction of science and technology industry is facing an inevitable adjustment, when giants change strategy in the tech industry, electronic industry and bust it inside. This year’s IDF, INTEL demonstrated its 5G and networking strategy, we saw the INTEL no longer mention PC and notebook computer, but a Joule, calculation module of MR fusion reality, low power and high performance virtual reality solutions, UAV and cooperation with other companies, the Internet industry layout, smart city unmanned. The basic logic of the electronics industry is determined, we walked along the sensing direction – recognition – control and the background of intelligent manufacturing and networking, determining the investment framework of sensor, biometric recognition, intelligent control. According to the localization of the chip path diagram, determine the equipment, materials, the first to benefit from the logic. In accordance with the evolution of the form of smart phones black technology to determine the 3D glass, dual camera industrial logic. In accordance with the judgment of the industry cycle to determine a number of high-quality endogenous growth is still steady white horse stocks or small white horse shares. We continue to maintain the industry optimistic rating unchanged, maintaining our portfolio unchanged. The recommended stock pool: seven electronics, aipake, Jing Jiawei, Thai, Suzhou goodark, Ou Feiguang, star technology, blue Synopsys, birchtek sunlord, Hikvision, UOB shares. Bohai Securities: medical health industry has become a pillar industry recommended 8 shares from 19 to 20, the national health conference held in Beijing, the meeting stressed that the people’s health priority to the development of the strategic position, the health industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, we believe that the central leadership attaches great importance to the health industry, health care reform will continue promote the meeting, proposed to build Chinese medicine China brand, brand of Chinese medicine in Dong’e E-Jiao, Tongrentang, guangyuyuan and Baiyun Mountain as the representative of the future will have greater market opportunities; rural grassroots medical institutions will be the future of national finance and social capital of key investment direction, optimistic about the basic medical institutions and medical equipment upgrades and upgrading service construction the investment opportunity. The SASAC issued "on the development of state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership ESOP pilot opinions", the pilot enterprises shall be the main competitive industry, reasonable ownership structure, sound governance structure, operating income and profit of 90% group from the external market, most of the pharmaceutical industry to meet the conditions, we continue to maintain a preliminary point of view, focus on the valuation of Chinese medicine, suggestion reasonable pharmaceutical business and relevant standard expected: the reform of state-owned enterprises such as the Huarun 39, Baiyun Mountain, Shanghai pharmaceutical, Shandong pharmaceutical glass, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other sentient beings in North China, also built about相关的主题文章: