UEFA Champions League – Baer scored Real Madrid shooting halftime lead 2-1 乃々果花

The Champions League – Baer Benzema shot goal 2-1 halftime lead Real Madrid 2-1 halftime lead sina sports news Beijing time at 03:45 on November 3rd (Poland local time 2 20:45), 201617 Champions League fourth game on F was a focus of the war to compete for the Real Madrid game against China Salai Gia. Real Madrid in the last round of home court 5 to 1 victory over Legia, European history 7 times against Poland team unbeaten. Morata, Kovacich, Fabio Coentrao, and Nacho Carbajal into the starting rotation. Because of the riots and the improper acts of racism, the audience of the game banned in the game. Real Madrid after 57 seconds ahead, Fabio Coentrao left the ball, C Ronaldo headed rubs, Baer 20 yards left foot volley volley into the top right corner. This is the fastest goal in the Champions league. After 3 minutes, C Luo in the same position of the left foot volley wide but outrageous. Real Madrid patient organization offensive, Baer free kick was the wall bottom line, Valane corner melee header by Overy in line before the rescue. Morata breakthrough is blocked, the edge of the area Benzema’s shot was saved by marantz. C Lo left the restricted area small angle shot blocked, Baer corner melee front header was Marantz barely saved, Motozawa Machika missed his chance C distance, Luo melee heel shot blocked. Carvajal right xiechuan, C Luo small edge header high. Benzema pass, Baer on the right edge of the area shot a little higher. Real Madrid thirty-fifth minutes to expand the score, Baer cut back on the right side of the area, Benzema 12 yards tuishe first time lower right corner, 2-0. Cross pass, C Ronaldo restricted the right shot was Marantz near post. Regina pulled one back for fortieth minutes, the number of people in Overy Guilherme pass, double defense breakthrough to the edge of the area at the top left corner, 1-2. Real Madrid (4-4-2):1- Navas; 2- Carvajal, 5- Valane, 6- Nacho, 15- Fabio Coentrao; 11- Baer, 16- Kovacic, 8- cross, 7-C 9- Benzema, 21- Ronaldo; morata相关的主题文章: