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JINGWAH times: in the absurd thinking proposition — the viewpoint of philosophy original title: in the absurd thinking in philosophy proposition get the grand prize at the thirty-second Sundance Film Festival jury nominated film "Swiss Army male" is a skeleton of surprise, full of magic realism of the film, is this year the biggest comedy brain hole. It is touted by the young people on the network platform, high reputation, good story, as well as the opening of the hole open to allow it to quickly brush circle of friends. You can’t guess the beginning, not the end. "Swiss Army male" story happened on a desert island. Trapped on the island of Hank (Paul Dano?) in despair hanging, found a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe?) washed up on the beach. He put the body as a friend, named him Manny, and found the new friends can talk, but also like a Swiss knife with a specific function of a wide variety, may be able to help him escape from the island. The growth of life under the background of Internet director Daniel and Dan schnadt?? let off this looks not reliable stories become particularly postmodern and nonsensical. This kind of spoof fun in the movie everywhere. For example, the body of Manny fart driving, traveling in the coast, the humanoid water supply device, promoting firewood barrier. His teeth when the shaver can cut the string, mouth or universal transmitter, or fishing, is entirely a kichiku version of the "Robinson Crusoe". Actor Hank in the first half of a madman, the second part will not begin any memory of Manny as a friend, it began to tell the world, to teach him about all kinds of knowledge, their mother, the father of indifference. The feeling of the temperature is rising, you think the film is written between the human and the zombies across the racial love, which is more warm than the "Busan". But in the end, you will find that, in fact, the desert island may not be an objective existence, zombies have become a mystery. This is a big reversal. The former half, brain hole wide open, the latter half style changes. Do you feel Hank alone, you have been so lonely juezhu. Life between heaven and earth, ignoring the customer as a long journey. You can’t laugh at all, a small trap into the director’s arrangement. Funny movies are fun because they give you a lot of experience and experience. This is also the film in the shortest possible time, the reason why the circle powder. The existence of human beings, how to exist is an eternal philosophical proposition, in this film, the director through a person and a zombie to complete a discussion. The desert island is a metaphor and symbol in the film. No man is an island, and that’s what philosophers tell us. However, they did not answer the question is, how do we live in peace with their own island? People should pursue the reality of success or satisfaction of the inner world? The play of Hank, like thousands of ordinary people, there is the plight of survival, there is a real anxiety, there is a closed somewhere inside. When the film in the stamp of your smile, will let you start thinking about life. Seemingly absurd, but actually heavy. Perhaps not a type of film to define the "Swiss army men". It is too sharp, too whimsical, too fine)相关的主题文章: