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Korean media: North Korea after a lapse of two weeks to restart the " " radio signal;; content change – Sohu Military Channel global network reported: Korean media reported in October 9th, the Korean radio Pyongyang broadcast again after a lapse of two weeks of suspected spy sent to South Korea issued a directive "signal broadcast" to North Korea, its content and different. 8 evening 11:45 (Korean time at 0:00 on the 9 to 15 points), a Pyongyang radio announcer said "now to the twenty-first expedition left university distance education, review homework, and read out the" 915th page No. nineteenth "and" 772nd page seventieth "a string of 4 bits and 5 digits. A broadcast content after the station and this is different, but the female announcer’s voice, broadcast before the broadcast music form is consistent with the previous. North Korea has through the Pyongyang radio signal broadcast, June 2000 15 in Japan and South Korea held the first summit meeting after the stop signal broadcast. In June 24th this year, North Korea after a lapse of 16 years after the resumption of a radio, a total of 8 times. As for North Korea to restart signal broadcast, some experts believe that this is the assignment of spy codes or interpretation training, or to deliberately creating a peninsula tensions, South Korea disrupting social order. It was also pointed out that North Korea can not rule out the secret activities of the secret espionage instructions issued in korea.相关的主题文章: