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The women’s cesarean section incision pain: ten years missing IUD " card; " bladder Beijing – life daily news August 26th recently, Harbin Ms. Yu found himself once cesarean section incision is very painful, did not think of to the hospital for an examination, doctors found in her abdominal wall and the bladder is missing "the IUD in recent 10 years! Ms. Yu is 35 years old this year, in 2005, the first generation of cesarean section, after the placement of IUD for half a year after the birth, but a month after the review of ultrasound did not, then the doctor thought it might be a contraceptive device lost. A year and a half later, Ms. Yu once again put on the birth control device. In January this year, Ms. Yu intends to be a second child, the IUD removed, July confirmed pregnant. However, life is not normal development, the emergence of the "abortion", that is to stop the growth of embryo! But recently, Ms. Yu felt the cesarean section incision pain, swelling, came to the four Hayi Da hospital gynecology clinic. Han Shiyu, director of the division of the, CT found that Ms. missing birth control device actually in the stomach, but also part of the contraceptive device into the bladder. Four Hayi Da Hospital urologists and patients were confirmed by cystoscopy, end the IUD pierced through the bladder, and the surface has formed multiple stones. Eventually, the doctor successfully transferred the patient’s body for many years to take out the device, the patient will soon be discharged. (Huoying)相关的主题文章: