The theory of the South making greater contributions to building the world’s scientific and technolo 纪元1701

Southern Theory: to make greater contribution to the construction of the world’s scientific and technological power in September 25th, the country’s major scientific and technological infrastructure of 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope was officially opened in Guizhou. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message, expressed warm congratulations and sincere greetings to the majority of scientists, to participate in the development and construction of the engineering and technical personnel, builders. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the letter, astronomy is a frontier science original breed important discovery, but also to promote the strategy of scientific and technological progress and innovation. 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope known as "China eye", with independent intellectual property rights in China, the world’s largest and most sensitive single aperture radio telescope. It is completed to enable China to achieve significant breakthroughs in the forefront of science and innovation, accelerate the development of innovation driven. General secretary Xi Jinping to participate in the project of science and technology workers, engineers and builders continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit, Yongpangaofeng, promote unity, collaborative research style, high level of management and operation of the major scientific infrastructure, early results, more results, and good results, a big achievement, to make greater contribution for the construction of an innovative country, the construction of the world science and technology. The general secretary of the letter made in certain height of 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope of achievement, for the majority of scientists have high hopes. Science and technology is the national Hing, strong science and technology is strong. Since the party’s eighteen years, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary put the innovation in the core position of the overall development of the country, and put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas and new requirements on scientific and technological innovation. "Just unfolding of the world science and technology revolution and the industrial revolution, we should enhance the sense of mission and innovation as the biggest policy, spare no effort to catch up, catch up." To implement innovation driven development strategy is to deal with the development of environmental change, grasp the development of autonomy, improve the core competitiveness of the inevitable choice, is the inevitable choice to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, deep-seated contradictions and problems in the development of crack of the economy, is better to lead China’s economic development of the new normal and inevitable choice to keep sustainable and healthy development of Chinese economy the." For the future, enhance the capability of independent innovation, the most important is to unswervingly take the road of independent innovation China characteristics, adhere to independent innovation, focus on cross, supporting the development of guiding the future to accelerate the pace of building an innovative country." To promote scientific and technological innovation, we must get rid of institutional barriers. Now, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements do not smooth problems, one of the most important scientific research achievements is the crux of closed self circulation is more serious, should be oriented to economic and social development of the main battlefield, deployed around the industry chain innovation chain, to eliminate "island phenomenon in scientific and technological innovation." Talent is the foundation of innovation is the core element of innovation. Innovation driven is essentially talent driven. In order to speed up the formation of a large-scale, innovative spirit, the courage to take the risk of innovative talent team, we must focus on the use of good, attractive, training efforts."…… In May 30th this year, the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly academicians, China Association of the Ninth Congress of the,!相关的主题文章: