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A man in Dongguan after the car was hit escort guards shot – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Intern Li Ming Chen Weicheng) today at 12 am, Dongguan City, Changan Zhen Xing three road near the intersection of usha community, an armored car was a man chasing the car hit, supercargo discouraged invalid, shot men’s shooting, the man after 120 treatment died. Today, there are witnesses broke the news on the Internet, said a man suspected of being hit by the Dongguan City, was arrested for transporting banknotes vehicles carrying banknotes to kill. Dongguan, Changan, the town government issued a notice to confirm the matter. According to network news, today at noon, in the city of Dongguan, a man holding a brick smashed usha chasing an armored car, after being open to grab the armored member killed. Some live video users to the Beijing News reporter revealed that the car says "Junan escort" suspected white armored vehicles parked on the roadside, a man wearing a red coat near the back of the vehicle, the right hand holding at the window, after the car, man followed a few meters. Another video display, hit man lying on the side of the escort car. 3 pm, Xing Road, a shopkeeper said the incident on the outside of their own stores in the area of 30 meters, has now been blocked by the police, the police said that the owner of the road, a total of about three. The man lying on a white armored car, wearing a red jacket, 25 years old, were supposed to be dead." The shopkeeper, more than 12 at noon, the man from the ring road to the car chase usha, hands like holding a brick, "it is because before the incident with the armored car accident occurred, only after the car."相关的主题文章: