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The woman cheated into MLM organizations into the backbone of anti illegal detention of a person jailed for – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Tian Xin) Henan woman Hemou brother into MLM organizations, did not flee and alarm, but after joining the organization has become the backbone of the business, but also on behalf of online dating to entice others to join. In September 22nd, Xixia District Court released information, the woman because of illegal detention of a person, was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 8 months. Working in Guangdong he, by his elder brother cheated to Yinchuan, found his brother joined the MLM organization, they could choose to leave her, driven by the interests of their own step by step on the road of crime, from an MLM victim becomes the backbone of the business, the Internet "boyfriend" to cheat after the final result the crime of illegal detention will send its own dock. He was cheated by a man surnamed Chen, in August last year, after the online understanding of Hemou, the two talked about more than a month to determine the so-called love relationship. After that, the defendant Hemou boyfriend to find work as an excuse, the Chen Pianzhi Xixia District Chong district a rental. That is the MLM dens after Chen was not fit, Hemou by persuasion, intimidation and other means, he was not allowed to leave, in the meantime, other members of the organization also repeatedly abused and beaten chen. In was closed 3 days later, while Chen Mou in the kitchen washing, jumped on the semi open kitchen balcony to escape, jumped from five feet, causing the comminuted fracture of calcaneus, double foot fractures, identified the extent of the injury as minor injuries two. Chen jumped off the building, the organizing committee members immediately fled, this time, the defendant Hemou conscience found ran downstairs want to leave Chen left, and returned the phone to contact his family. After someone jumped off the alarm, the police went to the scene and arrested the defendant hemou. Xixia District People’s court after the case sentenced Hemou 1 years imprisonment for 8 months.相关的主题文章: