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Zhejiang Chouzhou commercial banks: sparse block combined fee of 2600 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 11, (Hu Fengsheng Jiang Chen) "did not expect to get cash in foreign countries do not charge fees, the exchange rate is also cheaper than in the domestic money, after traveling abroad, I only take" Hui gold. "The!" These two days, Miss Zhang just from travel back to Australia in her circle of friends sent such a message: she bought something in Sydney did not take enough cash for Zhejiang Chouzhou bank "Hui gold UnionPay ATM machine directly in the mall and got a $500, didn’t take a penny fee. Miss Zhang calculated, in overseas cash exchange rate swaps also cheaper than at home 0.16, let her call convenient, "going out after will not advance to the bank money, queuing less trouble!" In fact, as early as the end of 2012 Zhejiang Chouzhou commercial banks on the full implementation of the free policy, a user holds the thick line card ATM machine with UnionPay logo in the global scope of the withdrawals free, through online banking, mobile phone banking to him, regardless of the amount of remittance items free of charge, since the full implementation of the free policy, has more than 600 people benefit from this policy, a total fee expenditure of more than 2600 yuan. To support the real economy, the livelihood of the people in the morning before the Pratt & Whitney public, in 2015 the State Council requires banks to further clean up and standardize fees of financial institutions, has passed the "snookering Chouzhou bank" to implement the profit sharing fee reduction target. Jinhua City Rui Dragon Technology Co. Ltd. is a local green science and technology enterprises mainly engaged in information transmission, software and information technology development, from 2014 onwards as Chouzhou bank loans to customers. For the green science and technology enterprises such as customers, active Chouzhou bank loan interest rate cut in 2015, to help the enterprises to reduce interest payments amounted to 20%, financing costs decreased. According to statistics, 2016 1-7 months, has given preferential Chouzhou bank loans more than and 500 pen, related enterprises and individual interest payments overall decline of nearly 10%. To help companies reduce financing costs, simply by reducing charges is not enough, through innovative financial services, the fundamental problem is difficult to get rid of corporate financing difficult financing is the key. One of the innovations is Chouzhou bank, from 2013 onwards, launched the "seamless connection of loan products, the customer only needs before the maturity of the loan of Xudai for banks to investigate the approval after signing the seamless loan agreement, will be on the original loan period for extension. Such an approach, the change in the past, the borrower should first prepare the principal of the money and then apply for renewal procedures, resulting in difficulties in financing, the withdrawal of a long time difficult situation. As of 2016 7 at the end of the month, Chouzhou bank issued a total "seamless connection of loans 450 million yuan, about 4000000 yuan of cost savings for business lending. In order to strengthen product innovation, promote the credit loan cycle, reduce financing costs for interest, Chouzhou Bank of small and micro business customers to develop a set of pure credit financing, financial settlement, and a number of comprehensive financial services in one of the highest melting easy ", revolving credit 500 thousand yuan, Robin)相关的主题文章: