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Fashion? Milan – Sohu of Milan Tourism: 14:55 Milan, in the eyes of the world, is in wealth, appearance and charm of the luxury of a metropolis of addiction, it is not that very careful in reckoning the backpacker who the ideal place. However, even if you have nothing to do with such a world, you can also look at the high income class in Milan. Milan has the best Italy opera, the most beautiful costumes and most luxury nightlife, brings together almost all the famous model and the big players in the world. Milan million people attract the admiration of the eye, there are two main reasons: one is she trained hundreds of years of art and architecture, Gothic architecture is for male supreme Masterpiece — Church of Duomo, recounting the history of Christian Europe glory; another point is the "Milan fashion". Milan is leading the fashion of the world, even the pedestrians on the street are like models from the fashion magazines. Of course, the world’s leading brands of fashion show, star event, fashion show, and so on, all choose Milan as a fashion base. Italy art and architectural treasures because the Italians do not know whether the vanity of personality traits, Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence international stations are very spectacular, the Milan central train station it is called the art class. Grand can be used to describe this magnificent train station, it is high, huge arcade pillars, exquisite carving, the endless stream of people, for first-time visitors first impression unforgettable. The Milan central train station itself is a rare art station consultation center on the two floor, the luggage on the two floor of a room, not easy to find. A negative link to the MM metro, the developed network to take you to any place in Milan. Go to Milan station on the eastern side of the two airport Malpensa and Linate bus, and the nearby city of Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport, is a large airport bus departure point, so why do so many people choose Milan as an aviation hub, because of her convenience, and as a European hub fortress status. The Milan subway system developed in Milan next to the train station, the three airport operates N Airport Express bus company came to Milan, the first thing is certainly the highest Masterpiece — Church of Duomo Gothic architecture visit her earth people know (Duomo). Standing in the church, it is hard to imagine, in the second half of the fourteenth Century, people is how to get the 2000 decorative statue on a steeple top into the sky. If an earthquake or typhoon, and how to ensure the marble buildings not a broken down, so a rare masterpiece of art be destroyed on one day. No wonder, the Church of Duomo since 1386 by the Ji’an · and Laiazuo; · Weiss Conti began construction, to 1887 all put on the sculpture spire, built for 500 years! Milan’s most famous Gothic church Masterpiece — Church of Duomo 2000 days相关的主题文章: