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WeChat group into class group comparison group canvassing the original title: class WeChat group sour the natural jade     source: JINGWAH mobile phone times with the popularity of social networking platform, teachers and parents communication channels into the WeChat era. But I do not know from what time, "class WeChat group" to change the taste, wealth, baby sun, pull the vote, salesman, stock…… Different class WeChat group, perhaps not all reality, but some people see. The report review, can be divided into two parts: the first part is a common phenomenon, for example, which are selling votes, in almost all of the WeChat group; the other part is the unique phenomenon of a group of parents, for example, the parents in flattering comparisons between teachers and parents. When public opinion focused on the class of WeChat circle, the real concern, or chaos behind the cause and effect. WeChat is usually regarded as a tool of social acquaintances, but in reality, with the "meet with WeChat" has become a habitual action, and all kinds of work, life of the WeChat group WeChat has become a universal emerge in an endless stream, social networking platform. The logic of interpersonal connection has also experienced the transition from acquaintance to "weak link" to "defamiliarization". Class WeChat group is such a sample. Because the children of parents with classmate, pulled into a WeChat group, in fact, their relationship is "halfcooked", many are even strangers. Whether the class WeChat group, WeChat group, WeChat owners or fellow group, have a common point, the group threshold is an "original identity" and not "based on the value of screening". In this group, will not automatically develop a complete set of "etiquette", we are very selfish and cynical remarks, Shuabing, marketing…… Bianwei class WeChat group, was not an isolated phenomenon. It is a network of social etiquette anomie footnote, but also extends to some real relationship. It may be said that the WeChat group class never stale, but with the passage of time, people become more aware of the "not good". Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: