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2017 Taipei game show held in January next year the number of viewers are expected to record high Taipei international game show Taipei Game Show, published next year on display date of January 19, 2017 to January 24th, place the election in Xinyi District, Taipei World Trade Center hall. The first two days will be the first exhibition of "B2B ZONE" and "APGS Asia Pacific Business District Game Summit, in addition to the opening of the B2C AREA general game player" game player "area debut in 20, a show for five days, on display include console games, mobile games, online games and virtual reality, the most popular tournament, will be expected to reach a new high tide. Taipei game show 2017 will be held on January Google 2015 Play revenue rankings in Taiwan accounted for fourth of global iOS, the market also rose from twelfth to tenth worldwide, according to the Taiwan population less than normal but gold can not be underestimated. Market research agency App Annie pointed out that the intelligent mobile phone penetration rate of 78% in Taiwan, the overseas cultural acceptance degree is high, compared with China, Japan and South Korea, the overseas game is more likely to succeed in the Taiwan market, but predicted that Taiwan will be the next one hundred million yuan market. Three B2B, B2C, APGS activities launched simultaneously in 2016 Taipei international game show "B2B ZONE" business district hit over the maximum display size, a total of 221 manufacturers exhibited two days of professional exhibition attracted from 22 countries and 1582 business people to the game field, including international business mainly from Japan and Southeast Asia, followed by in Europe and the United states. To facilitate more business matchmaking, the exhibition will expand next year, invited more from the global outstanding developers, operators, cash flow, advertising industry to jointly participate in the exhibition scheduled from January 19, 2017 to January 20th. The INDIE GAME FESTA "held" activities, continue to call for a global independent game team to participate in 2016 are from 21 countries, a total of 120 groups of independent game team to Taiwan on display, we expect to find more excellent team. Speaking in development, marketing, operations, venture capital and other different theme direction "APGS Asia Pacific Games summit, in 2016 launched a total of 50 keynote speeches in all aspects, the Asia Pacific region invited a number of heavyweight lecturer share industry trends, marketing strategy and game development mentality. Next time scheduled for January 19, 2017 to be held in January 20th, in September will also be in Taipei and Tokyo, special screenings for Southeast Asian Games market issues and Taiwan gaming market respectively speech. Taipei game show 2017 will be held on January to visit as the main object of the game player "B2C AREA general game player area, next year the exhibition time is from January 20, 2017 to January 24th, 2016, a game player about 430 thousand passengers, a scale of up to 1700 exhibition booths under the new record in history, exhibition covers the cross platform games (TV, GAME ONLINE GAME, MOBILE.相关的主题文章: