A good helper to participate in the second session of the Pearl River West Bank will meet headache怎么读�

A good helper to attend the second session of the West Bank of the Pearl River Electronic Fair   on -30 September 28th, the second session of the West Bank of the Pearl River advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment and Trade Fair (referred to as "fair") located in Guangdong (Tanzhou) held at the International Convention and exhibition center. This session of the fair organized by the Foshan municipal government and the provincial Commission by letter, the government of Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen liaison office, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan City People’s government and the Shunde Provincial Department of Commerce, Foreign Affairs Office of the provincial government, Co. As the domestic automotive electronics business representative, Guangdong Haobangshou electronic Polytron Technologies Inc invited to participate in the grand exhibition, showing the company made in the field of automobile intelligent electronic equipment and intelligence research strength and achievements. The second session of the fair venue coagent electronic exhibition booth, a good helper through electronic product prototype and product loading etc. exhibition launch new products on the market this year: caska caska and · · mirror series; Shun series. Booth at the scene, a good helper products because of its intelligence and practicality by the audience and praise. Caska · mirror products using 8 inch high-definition display, with navigation, recorder, dual recording, 3G communication, voice control, cloud dog online upgrade, weather, Bluetooth, reaview WIFI wireless connection, multimedia playback, gesture sensing, remote control, WeChat WeChat navigation, PTT service and other functions. Caska and · Shun products have 10.1 super capacitor clear screen, 1024*600 resolution, ultra clear picture quality, wide horizon and visual experience. Intelligent, convenient, user-friendly experience, so that the audience have lamented the progress of modern science and technology and intelligent manufacturing to society and life.         coagent electronic products             show the customers experience a good helper   products;   in 18 years, a good helper has a "intelligent to cars and electronic music to people" of the enterprise mission, adhere to the market oriented and quality leader the concept, through technological innovation, independent intelligent manufacturing means, continue to develop high-quality products in line with market demand, intelligent vehicle, driving people’s life more intelligent, more safe and more comfortable.相关的主题文章: