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State Securities: PS VR listed to stimulate the field of VR [macro perspective] import and export growth in weak steady growth in export growth is expected to decline, but the real situation has not significantly deteriorated, weak stable pattern unchanged. In August, import and export than expected rebound on the basis of import and export in September generally weaker exports recorded their largest decline since March, but the seasonally adjusted data, exports decline only expanded 0.5 points to -6.9%; the 3 quarter quarter, exports fell -6.3%, compared with the two quarter -5.5% expanded slightly, the seasonally adjusted data consistency (-4.9% in the three quarter, the two quarter -3%). The export data fell sharply in a single month, some of the base and holiday effects. Imports fell slightly, but after the quarter recorded a positive growth for the first time in nearly 23 months, and this year, the import quarter by quarter, mainly due to domestic demand and commodity prices rebound, while superimposed low base. The future, exports are expected to maintain a weak stationary pattern, the October data show the decline narrowed, imports moderate volatility, there will not be a deep decline, but in the short term can not expect improvement in external demand; the fourth quarter of devaluation pressures, the central bank needs to hedge foreign exchange decline; PPP, special financial bonds and other quasi fiscal policy will play a role in the steady growth. (1) the export side, new export orders for two consecutive months (September to 50.1) improved, while the lower base is conducive to the performance of data; (2) the import, on the one hand, demand in the short term is still supported by the third batch of PPP demonstration project or will reach trillion scale; on the other side of the base of the favorable factors. The cost of dividends continued to be optimistic about the cycle of agricultural products after the USDA report and China’s supply and demand report still shows that corn, soybean production is more than demand, corn production improved last month, but there is still room for consumption reduction. Recently, the disk is still running low corn, soybean supply and demand report since last month after the shock to maintain at 950 cents a bushel. In October 9, while the new corn market, with the country’s corn subsidies policy landing, the gradual integration of domestic corn prices and WaiPan prices, the recent corn spot price has dropped to 1500-1600 yuan tons in April is expected to our prediction interval, even up to 1400 yuan a ton of Maize in Northeast china. Corn, soybean meal is the key cost of feed and farming, which accounted for nearly 50% of corn, with corn and soybean prices fell, before pressing cost factors are eliminated, the cost of feed and farming costs decline further. In addition, pig prices remain weak in October, but the limited space down, at the end of October and early November is expected to usher in a rebound; at the same time Bulan pig, feed sales inflection point appeared; avian plate prices still rising to boost the profitability of the industry cycle. The recommended combination: TangRenShen, day state shares, St. agricultural development etc.. PSVR listed VR field stimulation on October 13th afternoon, SONY held in Beijing "2016 PlayStation VR Chinese first and PlayStation new conference, we believe that the official launch of the PS VR VR will further stimulate the consumption level and content of field equipment. PS VR full version of the experience has a price advantage, but the realization of content development and consumption of the virtuous cycle is still the key to competition, i.相关的主题文章: