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700 minus 292 is equal to a few? Mother right after the gas was jumped from the third floor, who would have thought a math problem, because the third grade primary school, the child’s mother unexpectedly jumped from the third floor. A section of Liu Moudou and his wife is from Jiangxi, a section of the Zhuji Chen Zhai Zhen a glass mosaic brick factory workers. Usually, a family of four live in the factory dormitory. 27 on the morning of more than 7 points, his wife Liu in the teaching of the daughter of the age of mathematics, daughter in elementary school grade three, which has a math problem is like this: minus 292 is equal to a few of the 700? Liu gives the answer is 401, next to a section of the answer is calculated to be 408. Because the answer is not the same, the couple quarrel. "After the quarrel, I called her stupid, such a simple question will be wrong, but also how to teach children? Good to die!" Some said he did not expect his casually say a few angry words, even let his wife have suicidal thoughts. A wife said, usually temper anxious, after listening to his words, gas body trembles, unexpectedly ran out of the room, jumped down from the 3 floor. "I was in bed, too late to hold her. She jumped down, I quickly ran downstairs and saw her whole body lying on the ground, a lot of blood flow." The boss heard the sound of the factory also came over, see this scene, quickly dialed 120 and 110. Soon, Huang Shan police station rushed to the scene, together with the first and 120 Liu rushed to the hospital. After the rescue, Liu out of danger. It was learned that the couple’s education is not high, her husband graduated from primary school, his wife did not graduate primary school. Speaking of the thing, a regret, he said the usual feelings of husband and wife is good, is the problem of communication, "I know her temper, temper did not think so strong, really did not dare to gas after her." Source: Evening News相关的主题文章: