8 note three points! Vladimir Bowmaster halo Liaoning white he must be the strongest foreign aid rainism

8 note three points! Vladimir Bowmaster halo Liaoning white he must be the strongest foreign aid CBA Collection – Eph God 47+7+6 Liu Xiaoyu 22 points in Liaoning 105-117 Shanghai Beijing time 19:35 on November 18th, the 20162017 season CBA eighth round, the Shanghai team away to Liaoning team, the Shanghai team in the final 117-105 victory over the Liaoning team, ending three game run. The Shanghai team of foreign aid Frey Dieter hit 8 record three points scored 47 points and 7 rebounds and 6 steals, "one God" by virtue of their superior ability to end the Shanghai team for the Liaoning team in the 10 game losing streak, "one God" is absolutely the best foreign aid CBA! The start of the season before the 6 round of the CBA, the best performance of foreign aid is non Frey Wudaite, he led the Shanghai team unbeaten, create the best start of the post Yao Ming era. He wear a special 6 rounds a total of 241 points, averaging 40.2 points, regardless of scoring or total score, are ranked in the top of the list of CBA. The 6 game, he threw a total of 28 points (averaging 4.7), ranked in the top three points in the list of the fourth places in the game, the top three. Landing CBA so far, he cut down every 30+, 6 games in the 3 40+, the 1 50+. 11 double face Guangdong team with Yi Jianlian, Fred Tesan wearing 17 shots in the 9 and 51 points, almost single handedly helped Shanghai beat the Southern China tigers. The victory was of great significance to Shanghai, because the end of the home game against Guangdong 22 consecutive defeats – the last time to beat the Southern China tigers in Shanghai, or in the past 15 years ago. Opponents of the field, the Shanghai team has 10 consecutive defeats to Liaoning. The game, Liaoning team hit a record three points in the beginning of the game, playing a 9-0 start. Critical moment, Frey Dieter began to get angry, first by three points after the cover jumper, then continuously break layup, a person with 7 points, Shanghai team to help the hard road start, will narrow the difference. The second section of the game, Frey Dieter continue to get angry, first hit the pitching three points, the Shanghai team will help score. Subsequently, Frey Dieter break layup, will lead to 5 points. Liaoning team to rely on Randolph’s inside storm, bite the score. Hodson right outwire hit three points, Frey Dieter immediately responded, two double hit high difficulty buzzer three points, then three points shooting foul, three free throws, curb the momentum of the Liaoning team back, will lead to 10 points. The first half of the game, with Frey Dieter’s excellent play, the Shanghai team in the second quarter against the score, away to 50-42 lead into the second half of the Liaoning team. The second half of the game, the Liaoning team sent Zhao Jiwei, Guo Ailun and Hodson took turns to defend Frey Dieter, but "chelunzhan" no limit "of God and live". No matter who is the defender, Eph God can individual singles score, the use of personal ability to break through the scoring. Before the end of the three quarter of the game, the Shanghai team to lead the Liaoning team of 86 to 13 in the last quarter of the score of 73. But Frey Dieter’s performance in the first three quarters, is not enough to reflect the "God of God" scoring explosive. Into the fourth quarter of the game, the big score behind the Liaoning team to fight back, but "God"相关的主题文章: