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A: the coal miners in Northern Shaanxi people in the underground smashed paralysis Sohu news Fugu County Road, coal vehicle Liu Tianhua lying in bed, some confused cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Shaanxi reported in Fugu if not a misfortune, Liu Tianhua (a pseudonym) never thought of leaving. He has lived here for 8 years, and his blood is full of memories of coal. But a drop from the clouds of coal, let him stand up from the strong body — the rest of his life, or will always and with paralysis. Fugu County, Shaanxi, the town of the Yellow River and the environment, with 200 tons of coal resources. 950 square kilometers of land, tens of thousands of scattered like Liu Tianhua from around the country who work. They are at the cost of health, the achievement of a city, but also the achievements of their own. With overcapacity and supply side reforms, some of them will leave the land. In late October 2016, the cover news (thecover) reporter came to Fugu, visited the coal miners. A lump of coal will he paralyzed after a month, the Northern Shaanxi Plateau on winter is coming, the grass covered the slope has been showing weakness. The autumn wind swept away, long days gradually bleak. Liu Tianhua leaned on the bed, calculating, what kind of state to return home. Greasy hair, thin face and long beard repair, let him look like the grass, some decadent. "A disgrace." The villagers came to see him after greeting, he even said several times "a", a face of anxiety. "What a shame? Waiting for you in the hospital, the factory lost some money, get back to do business, so the baby raised!" His wife Lin Ying (a pseudonym) quickly interrupted him, and slowly down, "you don’t think about what is shame, shame? Compared to those who (mine accidents) not to the people, you are lucky enough, you will feel at ease recuperate……" Liu Tianhua is 36 years old this year, Fugu county is a large coal mine forklift workers. Half a day, he and the workers in deep wells, head suddenly fell on a lump of dozens of kilograms of coal, hit him on the lumbar avoid leaning to either side. When he came back, he was lying in the hospital bed. The doctor told him, lumbar fracture, nerve damage, he may stand up in the future may be minimal. This makes Liu Tianhua desperate. In the county hospital for treatment after a few months, in order to save money, he moved to Xinmin Town Fugu County hospital. Behold, the day of October 24th, Xinmin Town occurred in possession of explosives exploded, the explosion point Xinmin hospital less than 200 meters, the hospital damaged, he was transferred to the Shenmu county shop tower town hospital. Fugu County plant was a monthly income of 1.2 million to support one family so repeatedly toss, let the mood bad Liu Tianhua some regret go underground choice. Also feel more and more, and not get rise head and shoulders above others also fell a hemiplegia, back home, really ashamed". Liu Tianhua’s hometown in Shaanxi, Hanzhoung, he is the boss, there is a younger brother. Parents in rural farming. Because of poverty, he did not finish primary school drop out.相关的主题文章: