An Shigao the Prince did improper founder of Chinese translated Buddhist scriptures

An Shigao: Prince did an improper founder of the Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures is high (map) paper: Lu Cheng Shi, is the founder of the Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures. His name is Prince Qing, rest in the knowledge, belief in buddhism. When the turn when he ascended the throne, gave way to his uncle, a monk. He is finishing a Abhidharma, meditate, tour of the western regions; in Hanhuan emperor built and early (147), traveled to Luoyang soon Chinese, who are proficient in the Chinese language. At that time, Buddhism was introduced into the mainland of China for quite some time, and there were some believers in the court and in the society. Although they mainly pursue sacrifice, pray for the Ford, but there are practical requirements. The job for their translation by the method of various methods. What about the Emperor Ling in Jianning (about 170 years). Subsequently, he traveled to the south, Xunyang, hueiji Yuzhang, and later spread around about his amazing story. His old age is unknown, about thirty years before and after the activities in china. An Shigao translated the book, because at that time did not record, indeed the number of departments have been unable to test. Jin Daoan compilation "scripture catalogue", citing the high seen version was added description, a total of thirty-five, volume forty-one. Then after a loss, the existing twenty-two, volume twenty-six. Among them, "seven" in about three Daoan (312 – 385) will become the two volume, and the "product" misreceiving bone and mixed by forty-four articles on the inside, without distinction; the people of the two textual research, will be out. In addition, the translation of language on the survey, "Five", "Yin metaphor method", "the dust by the method to the" Zen four is high translation, there are problems. It follows a "classic", Daoan also said as if it is high by, but the exploration in translation. An Shigao’s translation, sometimes with oral interpretation, written by others into a book. This handout belongs to the genre, in Daoan directory record "solution" ("the twelve agamas export by volume," karma) is a kind of. The book is also known as "an oral solution" in other records. This is because the original high born Royal, Western China people call him an Hou, so the records of home use. There are times of Wei and Wu (220 – 280) and "Sa" lost single volume, received a total of twenty-seven volumes, "seven", "three product" in its bone, translation and translation is very close to the high Tang Dynasty, oakmark "energy-saving" say it is like a high translation. But there is no record of old records, still not sure. In addition, the directory contained an Daoan high version has been lost, a total of thirteen of the thirteen volumes. The "Fourteen" and "ninety-eight", said Ann said like the writing of a high. And "like" a little, "Kaiyuan Lu" and said it is "like the existing souyi by removing" Da Yu annotation part. About the high translation, has been recorded by various recording discrepancies. To the Sui Fei "Chronicles" Sambo, without Jane. Don’t list the names of up to one hundred and seventy-six. The better is not only the source, that is high in the West and South Road Suishun karma from Department of translation. Later "Kaiyuan Lu" to be deleted, with ninety-five, and the lack of the almost half, non discrimination, nature is hard to say. It is still a Daoan directory records as the most credible. Anne.相关的主题文章: