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Brokerage strategy weekly: weak rose fell still rangebound when Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament last week the two shock was the overall adjustment situation, the gem is relatively stronger than the motherboard market, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3070.31 points, accumulated a week fell 1.22%; Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10693.75 points, accumulated a week fell 1.65%; gem closed at 2189.75 points, accumulated a week down 0.67%. The industry performance of the plate, the early rise of the main real estate, non bank financial weakness gradually, catering and tourism, medicine, steel, power and utilities, basic chemical and other gainers; theme, anticancer, the concept of environmental protection, sewage treatment, online travel and sensor performance. CICC: the current decline in the level of 30 minutes to run the channel has gradually narrowed down the intensity has weakened, and the degree of market differentiation has declined. Market short-term adjustment has come to an end, this week is expected to usher in a rebound. Although the rise in the middle market twists and turns, but there is still room for interpretation. Xiangcai Securities: Shanghai index above 3100 points area in the short term will still be in line with the strong repression, but below the 3050 point area in early August after the break, the pressure into strong support, short-term market will remain volatile pattern in the range. Guoxin Securities: market still will be rangebound run, recommended the hand to steady performance, the bottom looking solid growth performance of growth stocks; on the other hand, pay attention to PPP under the theme of architecture, landscape, environmental protection and other industries, as well as the supply side reform under the theme of coal, iron and steel, building materials and other leading industries. China Merchants Securities: monetary policy is still expected marginal changes in a certain range, easing the financial side to push up the market activity, the short-term market may be over 60% stage high health China, iron and steel, concern about the proposed sensor, graphene concept theme. CSC: short-term market as a whole is still in a state of the stock of the game, the hot plate switch, body position transfer market style changes in industrial thrust, nonferrous metal plate (about rare earths, zinc, cobalt and other small metal) configuration value. Huatai Securities: the low interest rate environment + supply side reform combined =A stock Manniu pattern. Sector allocation recommended combination of black gold: coal, iron and steel + financial theme recommended PPP and AMC. Tianfeng securities rangebound when several factors, which exceed the expected power led to the "rangebound pattern on the top and bottom under the past half year A stock market basically in between 2800-3100 fluctuations, the market generally believes that large institutions should play a certain role in intervention. But the experience since the crash in 2015 suggests that this intervention can only slow down the course of market trends and not reverse the trend. Therefore, if the current situation is also seen as a regional shock trend is a trend, then there will be some market forces to promote the formation of the A-share market in the end of the current A相关的主题文章: