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Love Teeth Day ultra practical children’s teeth anti-terrorism Guide – Sohu maternal and child shdoclc.dll

Love Teeth Day | children’s dental ultra practical "anti-terrorism" Guide – author Yu Yang | Sohu maternal fear of human injury is more serious than the disease. (British philosopher) Joe · Herbert, I guess when my mother was forced to drag her friends to see the dentist must have felt the same. I am a living example. About six or seven years old, a teeth of my bad, my mom took me to the hospital. It was my first time in dentistry. The doctor looked, said rotten to the root, pull it. Then a few adults swarmed, I put the big pull out after molar pressed. In order to protect the brain, they did not even anesthetic. No one thought about the child’s first visit to the dentist, and no one thought of her need to comfort. I freaked out crying hoarse struggle in vain, still struggling in them under my mother a hair. No teeth can make people thirty years of pain, but fear can. From then on, it was a nightmare to see my teeth. Don’t wait until the caries and nerve pain could not stand I would never go to the dentist, resulting in young had a mouth full of porcelain crown. I’ve had a painful lesson. When you grow up and have children, pay special attention to her dental hygiene. Two teeth start from the tall, banana bite glue, finger toothbrush, toothbrush and dental floss in my cartoon turns on stage, every night can wash, probably because my parents colleague uncle aunt brought back from the chocolate and candy too much, the tall two points when the teeth or black trace — cavities. Born without love. Later access to information that is like the tall two teeth appear a few problems of children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics statistics: nearly 10% of the children aged 2 to 1 or even more caries (decay), by the age of 3, the proportion is 28%, by the age of 5, this ratio is close to 50%. To treat or not to treat? This is a question. If in 20 years ago, the vast majority of parents are likely to choose the latter, anyway, teeth will fall, what is the necessary treatment. Rotten can not be retained, you can directly pull out. With the development of modern medicine, people gradually realize that although only a few years of deciduous teeth with children, but later on the permanent growth, children’s facial development and language learning are of great significance. Primary serious problems will not only affect children chew and digest and talk to his voice, affected her appearance and self-confidence, invades the tooth nerve will bring long-term unbearable pain, so should not be laissez faire. In order to keep the Qi repeating my adolescence, I left the shadow of life, and Qi dad decided to take her to the dentist, and a study of many parents from ancient to modern times long unassailable world history from the beginning of painstaking problem: how to take a look at the teeth of a two-year-old baby without making her afraid. This is written on the basis of this "super practical children’s dental" anti-terrorism "instruction manual", if your home Bao Baoyi dentist ", we need strong drag." drag and will buy, so hope our experience can help break your home相关的主题文章:

Just 8 strokes to get all the women

Only the 8 strokes to fix all women lead: men often say women face like a book, the fact is true. Because the woman is very careful, treat everything from the feeling of men will ignore many small details, so often angered the wife. Only the 8 strokes to fix all the women in the first, coax wife before, you must understand a truth: a not unreasonable place. So, no matter how justified, you will eventually succumb to the authority of the wife. Between husband and wife can not quarrel, but do not be entangled in a small matter, not to speak clearly, some things do not need to be clear, it is clear that the effect is not good. At the same time, more don’t ask the other party to admit, even if the truth is on your side. Because the quarrel between husband and wife not the outcome, do not have to win. Instead, keep your eyes open, and not only that, but also with your true feelings to maintain a real home. Next, will be a big move, the good man is how to coax the wife. 1 how do "henpecked" appropriate "henpecked" is not what is not good, "henpecked" families tend to be long. At the same time, this man often knew the wife bear a lot of bitter and tired, so willing to be henpecked, they often refused to some important party, but to help his wife home cooking, cooking, washing dishes and other household chores. Not only that, this man often does not care about. 2 to be honest when they are out of the office, sometimes always like to hide the truth, say some lies to deal with his wife. In fact, as long as it does not involve work, there is no need to compile what in the meeting, overtime in the guise of coaxing his wife. Because, to tell a lie often use ten words to cover up, but also inevitable mistakes, how tired ah. 3 learn to create a romantic weekend, take her out yo, or watch a movie, or a romantic candlelight dinner, continued to fall in love when the sweet time. 4 do not blame his wife nagging women generally only in front of their favorite man is more talkative, nagging. Maybe the man that day because the work is not smooth, or just with colleagues conflicts, while the wife is like a tireless bird, in front of you on twitter, make you more irritable mood. But you must not blame her, you only need and she said: dear, I am very tired, let me alone to rest for a while. 5 pay attention to her Taobao on her Taobao account to see what she has collected the baby, what the shopping cart, and then all the money to buy her. 6 anniversary must remember his wife’s birthday, a variety of festivals, anniversaries, low-key celebration you worth mentioning, but remember to give her gifts; you do not send gifts worth mentioning, but to please her for dinner with you; you don’t invite her to dinner or not, but remember to bring flowers to her; you think the flowers waste or just to give her some of her love snacks; you don’t buy snacks or not, but remember the phone greetings to you, the government will send a meaningful message to her. If you forget to send a text message, wait for her to blame you. 7 for the wife to be cautious in the days of her menstrual cycle, male.相关的主题文章:

The baby is sick again due to indigestion blame – maternal Sohu roselip

The baby is sick again due to indigestion blame Sohu in children due to maternal diet can not self control, often due to a common pediatric diet, improper feeding, injury, milk and food stop product, gastrointestinal dysfunction of spleen in transport division caused by the spleen and stomach disease. Is the traditional Chinese medicine, indigestion. If the children eat too much, or too high nutrition, more than the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach function. At this time a lot of food can not be digested and absorbed in time. As a result, it will damage the spleen and stomach function, the digestion and absorption function, thus forming the indigestion. And then the heat is smoldering fire, thick tongue, bad breath, lip red, yellow urine, dry stool, usually well behaved children make people become irritable. The child indigestion, hurt the stomach, but will appear anorexia, vomiting and constipation, diarrhea and other digestive system diseases, once the cold, they formed outside the heat and cold, namely Chinese medicine said "Lantern fire", appeared to have a fever, cough, bronchitis or pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Many parents do not understand children dyspepsia affect the digestive function, how will have a fever, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases related to these? This will explain from the Chinese will be able to get through, causing indigestion have a fever called "heat", food stagnation in the middle, stagnation will be a long time of heat, thermal evaporation on the inside, the child’s temperature will go up. How to cough due to indigestion, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases related to this, the ancient records of the "spleen and stomach": "the spleen lung disease". TCM believes that among the five organs are linked. Dyspepsia may lead to dysfunction of spleen and stomach, then affects the lungs, spleen is the source of phlegm, lung is a reservoir of phlegm. Indigestion is too long, the spleen and stomach, it is easy to transport disorder phlegm, phlegm storage in the lung, causes coughing. Phlegm obstructing lung, ikuhisa heat, lung injury. Popular that phlegm block in the lungs, coupled with lower immunity, secondary bacterial infection, bronchitis or pneumonia. Once the sick children is a transfusion, infusion decreased immune function, decreased immune function after conditioning and not timely soon get sick again, then Ill infusion, child health is getting worse, repeated transfusion vicious spiral, recurrent respiratory tract infection formation. Multiple sense. This kind of child is very common in clinic. As a parent, how to discover the child indigestion? If the child appears the following symptoms, the children appear indigestion; sleep not stop turning, sometimes molar; stomach swelling, stomach pain; appetite decreased significantly, loss of appetite; have bad breath, tongue thick white, both sides of the nose pale morning; at night, palms, soles of the feet, abdomen burning, or 3 children under the age of finger veins thick. Don’t give the baby to take repeated digestion medicine to prevent the baby food, some parents will often let the baby eat food, eat a meal to eat that as long as promoting digestion will not cause indigestion, the baby will be like jelly beans, one by one to eat; some parents will often give the baby to eat Wang the red pill, feeling that this is the traditional Chinese medicine, also Never mind to eat, in fact, these methods are not commonly used. Although the drug digestion can promote the baby to digest in a certain extent, but if the home.相关的主题文章:

Lu Dongfu served as general manager of China Railway Sheng Guangzu retirement (Figure) – ener

Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway total   Sheng Guangzu retired (Figure) – energy – original title: Lu Dongfu, total iron general manager Sheng Guangzu retired (Figure) general manager Chinese Economic Net Beijing on October 9th reported China railway company by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of transport, China Railway Bureau Director Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager Sheng Guangzu retired. On the afternoon of 9, the total iron railway work conference held in the headquarters of the phone, announced the appointment of. It is reported that the 61 year old Lu Fu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways was. After the Ministry of Railways revoked in March 2013, Lu Dongfu transferred to the newly established national railway bureau. He took over the total iron in the "number one", the National Railway Bureau vacated by who took over, there is not conclusive. According to China economic net reporter, currently a total of 5 deputy general manager of China Railway, are Lu Chunfang, Li Wenxin, Huang Min, Yang Yudong and Chen Yi, in addition, the total iron in the party discipline inspection team leader for an. Lu Dongfu resume, male, Han nationality, born in November 1955, Jiangsu Danyang people, Communist Party members, in July 1988 the international politics department of Fudan University of Political Science (Administration) graduate courses cadres, July 2001 Adult Education Institute of Shanghai Univer (evening) Graduate Management Engineering, serving a university degree, senior engineer. Worked in November 1973 Department of transportation, Shanghai Railway Bureau construction project Fifth Engineering section, third engineering section, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Communist Youth League work; in July 1988 he served as deputy director of the political department, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways office deputy director of the Propaganda Department; in January 1990 he served as Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, the railway ministry and Deputy Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision the director of December 1993; appointed party secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways Shanghai Engineering Corporation; March 1995 served as the Shanghai Railway Bureau deputy chief economist, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Shanghai City Rail Transit Pearl Line Engineering Command deputy commander, Shanghai Railway Bureau of Rail Transit Development Corporation general manager, and deputy director of the Shanghai Shanghai Railway Bureau Railway Branch Administration; November 2000 deputy director and Secretary of Party committee of Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways In July 2003, he was appointed Vice Minister and member of the Party group of the Ministry of railways; in March 2013 he was appointed Vice Minister of the Ministry of communications and transportation, a member of the Party group, Secretary of the State Railway Bureau and Secretary of the party committee. Hou Yu agency issued photo resume Mr. Sheng Sheng Guangzu, male, former general manager, Chinese Railway Corporation, Party secretary. Former Shanghai Railway Bureau Nanjing branch secretary of the Party committee, Hangzhou branch secretary, Party Secretary of Nanjing branch secretary, party secretary, deputy director and Secretary of the Party committee of Ji’nan railway bureau. In November 1994, the Ministry of Railways party members, chief economist, January 1996 served as director of the Political Department of the Ministry of Railways (vice ministerial level), Party members, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Railways in January 1999, members of the party, in April 2000 he served as deputy director of General Administration of customs, Party members, in February 2002 the General Administration of Customs deputy party secretary, deputy director of the General Administration of customs, September 2003 Deputy Secretary)相关的主题文章:

This week Wenzhou weather day may hit a typhoon spoiler

This week Wenzhou weather day may hit a typhoon "spoiler" cool weather, seasonal change has accelerated the pace. Yesterday is the autumnal equinox, the so-called "equinox", in the eyes of many people, and over half of the solar term, but in fact, although Wenzhou has sooner or later coolness, but still did not complete the mission of autumn. Yesterday, the city and county sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 20 DEG ~30 deg. Today is cloudy, temperature 20 to 30 DEG C, the weekend to early next week, I will be in fine weather. However, from the beginning of next Tuesday, showers will be reported from time to time. Now, more and more closer to us than is the autumn scenery of autumn, there is a growing typhoon. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that the next 10 days in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, there are 2 to 3 autumn typhoon generation, one of which will affect China’s southeast coast after the first month of this month, 29. At present, the strongest typhoon in the northwestern Pacific Ocean several record holder is uniform, the autumn typhoon. For example, in 1979 twentieth typhoon, produced in October of that year; 2013 Buffett typhoon, sweeping the southeast coast in National Day period. Why is the typhoon prone to super typhoon in autumn? Meteorological experts explained that this is because the summer to autumn transition when the sun point moving from north to south, resulting in SST warmer, which means the ocean accumulate more heat and provide energy to the typhoon will be greater. China Meteorological channel meteorological analysis, said the current autumn typhoon is still in the embryonic period, so it remains to be seen. But do not rule out the possibility of the day before and after landing in China, according to the current situation of subtropical high forecast, the national day if you have travel plans, recently was to look at the weather forecast, the typhoon dynamic attention. In addition, the autumnal cold air has become increasingly active, the temperature dropped significantly faster, "Qiuzao" will also become more and more obvious, the body will easily arise in nasal cavity, pharynx, dry lips, cough less sputum and discomfort, buddies usually should be timely replenishment, eat Ziyin Runzao food. Sleep well "the midnight sleep", which can prevent Qiuzao can also solve the lack of autumn". Weather forecast 24 (Saturday): cloudy to sunny 21~30 C (Sunday): cloudy to sunny 21~32 forecast for reference only. Members of the public can call 96121 or log in Wenzhou weather network to learn the latest weather forecast information.相关的主题文章: