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Trump’s influence on stock car auto industry Sohu

Trump’s influence on the inventory of automobile industry automobile Sohu according to CNN reports, Trump (Donald Trump) was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States probability to become reality, so it brings the ruling with trade protectionism, or for the automotive industry, global division of labor brings new change. According to their political views, Trump pursues international trade to benefit the United States employment, to fair trade instead of free trade, imports of Chinese and Japanese, ink and other goods from other countries to increase taxes will force U.S. companies to turn back to the local employment opportunities. Trump has publicly accused the foreign investment contraction Ford and general motors in Mexico advocate investment and expand investment, and bluntly pointed out that if the elected president of the United States, will be ordered to cancel the Ford automobile company business expansion plans in Mexico. Played in the competition, Trump has repeatedly stated that the American car produced in Mexico vehicles sold back to the United States market will face high tariffs of up to 35%. The political views of Trump, the United States is to increase the employment rate, according to its introduction, the real unemployment rate is 20% and not on paper 5.6%, he was elected president after the need to put more jobs to the United States, in terms of employment, they will become the "God created the greatest president". Trump said: "Mexico is the new China", "China is our reconstruction! But they took everything from us, they taxed us, we didn’t, we’re stupid? "Apparently, the Mexico is finished, the next one is china! Trump advocated tough policy toward China, will certainly impose higher tariffs on Chinese products, whether it is China’s exports of agricultural products to the United States, or auto parts and tires and other industries. In addition, Trump is bound to advocate for investment in China’s tightening policy, U.S. car companies in China’s new investment plan or will be limited, such as Tesla, etc.. The Chinese parallel imports a huge blow Trump of course, the importance of employment based on the rectification of Chinese finished next, care should be for a long time, the Japanese car companies, TOYOTA, Honda has more than GM and Ford sales in the United States, in order to protect the development of domestic car prices, and employment rate, the Japanese car prices exports to the United States is limited. In turn, the United States in the implementation of high tariffs, while China and Japan is bound to impose high tariffs on the United States, when the United States is also bound to be affected by the car, including the development of parallel imported cars. Obviously, if Trump after the ruling, if the full implementation of its commitment to political views, the global automotive industry will face a major transformation. Brought about by the development of trade protectionism, or will drive the global economy will enter a new period of trade protectionism. In addition, the employment rate of the attention, let Trump support the protection of traditional manufacturing industry, automobile industry, so he is on the development of energy-saving and new energy will not be strong, and that the U.S. withdraw from Paris has just reached an agreement and the abolition of the environmental rules of climate. This will give just the rise of the new energy automotive industry development is facing great challenges, such as government subsidies, carbon trading mode is canceled risk.相关的主题文章:

Can I buy a trial drive Please pay attention to these things (video) jslottery

Can I buy a trial drive? Please pay attention to these things BMW try driving experience speeding fined recently in the bar to see someone asked to try driving can buy? The answer is yes, it was said that try to drive a lot of people have been driving, not their cars do not cherish, open very violent, in fact, otherwise. First of all, test drive car 4S shop owner, general configuration is very high, test drive car 4S shop is the face of good maintenance is not to say, generally every day to wipe it again, but the 4S shop car is old driver, and not a novice, do not involve violence not the problem of violence. The maximum number of customers in the car to try horsepower size, damage to the car can be ignored. Secondly, test drive car 4S shop general every 6 months for a new car, individual manufacturers will change one year, from time to get some stock cars a year backlog not sold is often the case, only the mileage (ginseng, pictures, more open inquiry). From the time also is the new car. So the test drive car can buy some hot car test drive car Never mind you can’t buy the test drive car is 4S shop from manufacturers to more than 10 percent off discount to buy, and opened a period of time so much cheaper compared to the car, then buy the test drive car when need to pay attention to what? To ensure that the car had never had an accident, as long as the people over there may be an accident, there is no danger record check. Price: no twenty percent off do not take into account, a colleague and I find someone to spend 200 thousand to buy a Volkswagen CC (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) with test drive car, so the value of. A lot stronger than the used car, when blowing with others that is a new car, buy second-hand cars and more off the surface.相关的主题文章:

Inner Mongolia TV double center was officially launched in Inner Mongolia, channel solid converter

Inner Mongolia TV "double center" was officially launched – deputy director of the Inner Mongolia channel — Inner Mongolia science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia radio and TV station Zhang Zhi Kuan, deputy party secretary Zhang Degui jointly unveiled the start "double center" in Hohhot in October 14, (Chen Ligeng) the morning of October 14th, 2016 "off the record" Chinese Nadamu Investment Summit. Zhang Zhikuan, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia radio and television deputy party secretary Zhang Degui jointly unveiled the start "double live". The organizers said, "double" is a special program broadcast in Inner Mongolia TV station for the double week recording. The show will be broadcast a total of 5 chat show, each 30 minutes broadcast time 14 to 18 19:10. In the TV interview program dialogue, each set of scientific and technological innovation, Internet plus science and technology, agriculture, culture and tourism theme. The person in charge of creating a face-to-face manner by investors, scholars and relevant government departments, to create customized FAQ, to provide business guidance. During the broadcast, Inner Mongolia TV will be through the financial media matrix: Inner Mongolia news broadcast FM95 MHz, voice traffic FM105.6 MHz, Inner Mongolia satellite TV "news, news center, and then observe the" economic life channel "time", "Raymond all contact", new media center "Inner Mongolia", "love of wisdom" Inner Mongolia radio and television official micro-blog push fresh business information. (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章:

Crack the strength of the billions of housing prices behind the the United States and Nanjing exit safe mode

Behind the crack of billions of housing prices force   "wiilink model" Nanjing concern — real estate — (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) September 29, 2016, the United States and the financial department of the exchange easy home, ‘innovative real estate finance open class’ fourth stop and super buy new officially released in Nanjing Huatai Risorgimento Hotel successfully held. The event, the well-known housing prices executives, professional executives of financial institutions and people in charge of the mainstream media together, have discussed in the "real estate + Finance + Internet" mode, new opportunities for Nanjing real estate industry cross-border win-win. It is understood that this is the finance of the United States after the merger of the Beijing Railway Station, TianJin Railway Station, QingDao Railway Station after the successful opening of the public another wonderful sharing. Department of finance department? Easy home, with 15 years of professional real estate financial services pilot experience, "real estate + Finance + Internet" professional services, is committed to providing innovative financial products and services, for the real estate industry to provide customized financial solutions, and the garden, Vanke, Huarun and other large housing prices continue to expand and good cooperation. Behind the hot property market differentiation and worries in 2016, the second city "the most expensive land" frequent, real estate capital era curtain, the real estate industry to bring more change, more uncertainty and more challenges and opportunities. Enter the era of capital and Internet plus the introduction of housing prices era, more focus on the use of financial services and financial instruments, more willing to cooperate with the major Financial Services Company, let their liquidity stronger, more reasonable use of funds, to expand its scale and enhance its profit space, enhance competitiveness. As an important part of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, from the second half of last year, Nanjing’s real estate market continued fiery. The rise in prices, the most expensive land are frequent, developers get costs soared, with high financing costs and constraints become developers main factors in the development of the Internet; at the same time, along with the social information degree more and more high, the purchase of items and competing products in more ways, housing prices marketing costs continue to rise, the lock off the rising cost of how accurate lock off has become an important topic for developers. Watch pain points "wiilink mode" has attracted much attention in the Department of Finance Department of easy home? "Financial innovation real estate open class NanJing Railway Station site, the Department of easy home assistant president Li Liangliang shared wiilink easy home for the" real estate + Finance + Internet "understanding. Department of easy home real estate around the whole industry chain, from the front to take, construction, pre-sale, sale to occupancy, depending on wind design ability, financial product innovation system and strict control of big data entry model of various consumer scenarios, to provide customized financial services for the real estate industry chain participants, they solve the pain of all kinds business. This solution is comprehensive, taking into account the overall situation, rather than simply solve a problem and isolated appear, this is the biggest difference between the home and other Internet financial platform. Housing prices for pain points, such as its own funds with high cost, low income, leverage financing; opening the lock off is not ideal, is difficult to go slow, capital return is not ideal, the Department of finance huiyoo)相关的主题文章:

Civil aviation authority informed Hongqiao airport runway incursion incident preliminary investigati sql server 2000 个人版

The Civil Aviation Bureau informed the preliminary investigation of Hongqiao airport runway incursion events – Sohu news October 14th, the civil aviation bureau held the whole industry aviation safety teleconference, informed the October 11th Hongqiao airport runway incursion event preliminary investigation, a profound analysis of the problems, requires the whole industry to draw profound lessons, giving top priority to maintain security alert, comprehensive risk management and control, to ensure that the bottom line is not a breakthrough in civil aviation safety. Civil aviation authority will focus on the multi runway large busy airport key positions, key personnel inspection. The civil aviation authority requirements of ATC system to immediately carry out safety rectification, investigate and rectify the existing problems. Check the safety production responsibility system is perfect; two of the "grassroots, foundation, basic training requirements are implemented, key personnel training is strictly implemented, competence and work style is in accordance with the requirements; three check the existence of overload operation; four control operation procedures are reasonable; check the existence of five illegal operation; six check the existence of late, false, concealed aviation safety information, safety problems such as dishonesty resort to deceit touch the red line. The civil aviation authority required by the "six check", and improve the work of six aspects, one is to strengthen the controller qualification management, two is to strengthen the personnel training, the three is to strengthen the enforcement of rules and regulation, four is to prevent overload operation, five is to effectively optimize the operation control program, six is to improve the life of the controller security. Ensure safe operation and safety. The Civil Aviation Bureau reiterated the special regulations and the integrity of the bottom line line, emphasis on the organization and management of legal violations, illegal violation, regardless of the consequences, to be severely punished, the completion of the regulatory loop; touch the integrity of the red line, whether units or individuals, will be subject to a dishonest, severely punished at limited ". The Civil Aviation Bureau safety supervision departments at all levels should adhere to the problem oriented, key areas, key units on the problem prone, urge the ability to enhance the safety management level and risk prevention system, to prevent multiple repeated problems. Strengthen safety supervision and inspection and supervision of rectification efforts to strengthen the results of the investigations and accountability, to ensure that the industry safety supervision problems rectification work to achieve the desired goals. Civil aviation authority also on the upcoming winter operation carried out specific deployment. All civil servants of the civil aviation authority, the civil aviation authority, the regulatory authority, the civil aviation enterprises and institutions in charge of the main leaders and responsible for the safety of the work in the main venue and the venue to attend the meeting. (original title: Civil Aviation Authority: to maintain the security alert full control risk)相关的主题文章: