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Married daughter wants to inherit property, the two brothers think they have no right to inherit (vi 7470d

Married daughters want to inherit property, the two brothers think they have no right to inherit this newspaper (reporter elegant), every Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, is the Chinese traditional customs, but a family in Lianhu lake, 6 brothers and sisters have inherited the power. The focus of the debate is whether married daughters can inherit their parents’ heritage, and community legal advisers answer questions for them. Today, in a society ruled by law, a married daughter enjoys equal rights as her son. Before mid autumn festival, Yang Juanjuan, a law consultant of the Lane Community in Lianhu District, received a resident who came to consult Ms. li. Ms. Li said there were 6 brothers and sisters in the family, including two brothers and 4 sisters. After the parents died, leaving 3 houses, which became the focus of the quarrel between the 6 people. Two brothers think that 4 sisters have been married, is "outsiders", without inheritance, can not inherit the property left behind by their parents. Whether the 4 sisters have the right to inherit, Ms. Lee herself is not clear, and then consult the community legal adviser. After detailed understanding of Ms. Lee’s home situation, Yang Juanjuan explained that China’s law stipulates that the right of inheritance is equal to men and women, and their children enjoy equal rights to inherit their parents’ heritage. Whether the son or daughter, daughter, whether married or unmarried, in the inheritance of the parents’ heritage, belong to the first order heir, should enjoy equal inheritance rights with his brother. Heritage left Lee Lee’s parents, 6 brothers and sisters as the heir should have the right of inheritance, the inheritance is not lost because Lee four sisters had been married, so in no loss of the right of inheritance under the condition of no legal or not or less heritage case the heritage by 6 brothers and sisters average distribution. This analysis of community legal adviser, Ms. Li said again and again thanks, through legal means to solve the contradiction in home. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only for extended reading. After the divorce property not only child

出嫁女儿欲继承房产 两兄弟认为其无权继承  本报讯 (记者 高雅) 每逢中秋全家团圆,是中国人的传统习俗,可莲湖区一户人家6个兄弟姐妹却为继承权闹得不可开交。争论的焦点在于,出嫁的女儿能否继承父母遗产,社区法律顾问为他们答疑解惑。  如今在法治社会,出嫁的女儿同儿子一样,享有平等的权利。中秋节前,莲湖区学习巷社区法律顾问杨娟娟接待了一名前来咨询的居民李女士。李女士说,家中兄弟姐妹总共6人,其中两个兄弟、4个姐妹。父母相继去世后,留下3处房产,这就成了6个人争吵的焦点。两个兄弟认为4个姐妹均已出嫁,是“外人”,没有继承权,不能继承父母留下的房产。  姐妹4人是否享有继承权,李女士自己也不清楚,便来咨询社区法律顾问。在详细了解过李女士家中情况后,杨娟娟解释,我国法律规定“继承权男女平等”,子女对父母的遗产享有平等的继承权。不论是儿子还是女儿,女儿不论已婚、未婚,在继承父母遗产时,都属于第一顺序继承人,应与其兄弟享有平等的继承权。李女士父母所留遗产,李女士家6名兄弟姐妹作为法定继承人都应享有继承权,该继承权并不会因为李女士四姐妹已出嫁而丧失,故在没有丧失法定继承权的情形下,或者没有法定不分或少分遗产的情形下,该遗产应由6名兄弟姐妹平均分配。听罢社区法律顾问的分析,李女士连连道谢,表示将通过法律途径解决好家中矛盾。(西安晚报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 80后夫妻离婚 只争财产不要孩子相关的主题文章:

Fuzhou Jinan District road leading station relocation postponed for two lane 3344111

Fuzhou Jinan District road leading station relocation postponed for two Lane station has been demolished, occupies two lane Strait news network November 19th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Fengwen Mao Zhaoqing (micro-blog) Figure) Fuzhou Jinan District leading Road, originally spacious two-way four lane, but with the Nanping road junction. Suddenly turned into a two-way two lane. Originally, a garbage transfer station across the road in the middle, blocking accounted for half of the road, here has become a "card neck road."". Prior to this, the Department has told the media that May can be relocated, and then said it is expected to move in October, but now in November, there is still no slightest movement. In the morning, the reporters came to the leading Road, and saw the road near Nanping East Road. The road suddenly changed from two-way four lanes to two-way two lanes, and the width of the driveway was only about 3 meters. One side is surrounded by iron sheet, the block is garbage station, and the outside is piled with higher than human residue and waste bricks and sofa. Subsequently, the reporter came to the garbage transfer station, I saw only one thousand square meters of garbage piled inside. Sanitation workers, the transfer station to undertake several thousand residential areas around the residents of the garbage transport work, there are hundreds of tons of garbage every day. Repeatedly said to move now is still there, the reporter learned that last year, the urban construction department said that the garbage transfer station will be relocated, new station is expected to put into use in May this year. Later postponed, Haidu reporter also contacted the Jinan District Sanitation Department, the staff, the garbage station will be relocated to the road leading the Beltway and the junction of the ground, due to typhoon delay period, October is expected to move. But yesterday, reporters once again call the Jinan District Sanitation Department, the staff said that the new station is still under construction, when to move cannot be determined. Yesterday, the public Lin said: "small garbage station relocation postponed, to the surrounding residents brought a lot of inconvenience, hope to implement as soon as possible." (Strait network) >

福州晋安区龙头路垃圾站搬迁延期 占了两车道垃圾站一直没拆,占去了两个车道 海峡网11月19日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 徐丰 文 毛朝青 图)福州晋安区龙头路,原本为宽敞的双向四车道,但到了与南平东路交界处,突然变成了双向两车道。原来,一座垃圾转运站横在路中间,围挡占去了一半路面,这里成了“卡脖路”。而此前,部门曾向媒体表示5月可以搬迁,随后又称预计10月要搬迁,然而现在11月了,仍没有半点动静。附近多个小区 垃圾都堆这昨日上午,记者来到龙头路上,看到靠近南平东路处,路突然从双向四车道变成双向两车道,车道宽只剩3米左右。一侧被铁皮围挡围着,围挡内是垃圾站,外围则堆着比人还高的渣土及废旧砖头和沙发。随后,记者来到垃圾转运站内,只见里面近千平方米都堆着垃圾。环卫人员介绍,这个转运站承担了周边数个小区上万户居民的垃圾转运工作,每天有数百吨垃圾。多次说要搬现在还在那记者了解到,去年城建部门就表示,这个垃圾转运站将搬迁,新站预计今年5月投入使用。后来延期,海都记者又联系了晋安区环卫处,当时工作人员介绍,垃圾站将搬迁到龙头路与绕城高速交界处的空地,因台风拖延了工期,预计10月可搬迁。但昨日记者再次致电晋安区环卫处时,工作人员表示,新站还在建设,至于何时能搬迁无法确定。昨日,市民林先生说:“小小垃圾站搬迁延期,给周边居民带来很多不便,希望尽快落实。”(海峡网)>相关的主题文章:

Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion luxury giant LVMH decided to make a change pigeon blood

Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion luxury giant LVMH decided to make a transition from the active lead: technology investment company, to appoint the chief digital officer clear planning group digital development strategies in the future, LV’s parent company LVMH group decided it was time to accelerate the digitalization of all brands of the group. Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion that LVMH luxury giant decided to change recently, journalist Yves Messarovich in his book "creative passion (La Passion Creá tive)" revealed that the LVMH Group Chairman and chief executive officer Bernard Arnott regretted not to seize the opportunity in time since the Microsoft Corp’s investment, so pay special attention in the later group as the field of the Internet: as Bill Gates’s admirers, Arnott was convinced that the Internet can bring all sorts of possibilities, the book also mentioned this market "old fox" was founded in 2001 in an online bank, called "The Bank" — unfortunately, this project soon failed this also led to him, in a period of time of the group’s brand development in the field of the Internet has taken a slightly negative state Degree. Luxury brands in the face of the attitude of digital development has been very subtle, they always worry that the Internet will make the brand over exposure, so that the high-end image of hard work will be devalued. However, the current consumer, especially millennials, to get the brand information and choose the shopping channel more and more on digital platforms, resulting in the luxury goods industry to make corresponding adjustments in the retail, marketing mode. Burberry is the first initiative to embrace the Internet, and go far, the most active luxury brands. From the network live fashion show to the first Snapchat release of brand advertising, and even the shop in the use of digital products to provide services for the guests of the proportion is far higher than other brands; Tommy Hilfiger is the first Facebook Messenger smart chat robot (Chatbot) to communicate with the consumer brand; put the Prada into a digital site the museum, or a variety of consumer information through the website to find the brand fans has been established. Burberry in London’s Regent Street flagship store with the most advanced digital technology, combining online and offline for the guests to provide services in China, Burberry and Coach have settled Tmall Mall (now Coach has been active from the Tmall platform, Dior offline) with the Tencent to sell a limited cooperation bag in WeChat terminal, and has publicly refused to e-commerce the Chanel also choose WeChat sold on the latest release of "five water" perfume…… These brands in the digital field test although caused no small controversy, but on the whole, the superior top brands conform to the consumer purchase patterns change, it received good feedback.   Dior sold a limited edition on WeChat in 2016.相关的主题文章:

Counter attack on a bright star Danny van appeared strong woman fine (video)

"Counter attack" on stardom dazzling Dani fan appeared strong woman fine Tencent Angeles Drama "counter attack" stardom dazzling (October 24th) today in Shanghai starting, the drama is based on orange light’s entertainment adventure love text game adaptation, directed by the famous director Yang Lei, Thailand "push brother" Push, Dani Song Yi, member of SNH48, who starred in the entertainment circle, mainly around the life show fresh and romantic love and touching inspirational counterattack. On the scene, you are the creator for a black-and-white come in a throng, Danielle inclined shoulder collocation black wide leg pants, plus his short hair style, fully embodies the beauty of beauty, strong woman full range of children, the fine countless. It is understood that the kind of Danny played Liu is a sweet dream, dream hard girl, this role before and after there is great contrast, not only let the actors self realization of the "counter attack", also increased the visibility of the story. Talking about the play the most challenging role for Danielle said, "counter attack" is a very bright star realistic drama, she plays a step by step by virtue of their own efforts, the little people grow up to a big star girl, she will try to explain the role of a good showing to the audience who. It is reported that a Danielle just ended LETV exclusive play "mirror" of the shooting, non-stop into drama "counter attack" stardom dazzling, looking forward to her performance in the drama. A Danny curse is terrific Kung fu! Not accept!相关的主题文章:

Super girl finals night will start the super girls red tide caused universal memories — helmet怎么读

Super girl finals night will start the "super girls" red tide caused universal memories — entertainment channel, 2016 "Super Girls" champion night countdown "super girl red" big screen light feelings this week, during the 9 months of "2016 Super Girls" will be the end of a long journey, a number of new generation idol will declaration of the birth of. In September 3rd 2016, "Super Girls" Tenth finals "champion night" will be "a red color is called super girl" as the theme. This theme will watch the Chinese ten years "super girl" complex, declared in a striking way, inheritance and development between the previous super girl. This week, the dazzling "super girl red" frequently appeared in major news sites and media reports. Recently, the paper made a full page ad, declared this year "super girl finals champion night" theme "there is a red color called super girl". Micro-blog, WeChat and so on from the media, there are a lot of friends that poke to the point of tears". As more and more users to participate in the discussion of "super girl red" and forwarding, which is full of youth and memories of the color, gradually formed a upsurge of feelings. But in last night, with the "2016 Super Girls" championship finals night into the 3 day countdown. As one of the landmarks of the TV industry of Hunan TV Tower, the whole is covered with "super girl red", four cheer for super girl. In September 1st, the 2016 Super Girls national semi-finals "theme poster released. Four from the 630 thousand love singing girls, the new generation idol talent shows itself, but also the collective put on the symbolic meaning of the "super girl in red". No. 03 is a super girl, a famous young child". Young age, boarded the CCTV arena, after the system of music learning, to release their own music dream super girl. "Bai Fumei", "learning tyrants" and other identity labels, so she just like the princess out of the fairy tale. No. 06 super girl Zhang Xiaoyu, from a military family "female teenager". Don’t look now Zhang Xiaoyu charming, she never visited before enrollment in the super girl of any large stage, is a pure grassroots". Zhang Xiaoyu now, every game can reap tens of millions of popularity. Adorable character and handsome appearance, she is the best weapon powder! No. 09 – 9 ring, from the "two dimensional world" out of the diva girl. She appeared on the international stage million people, in order to achieve their own "dimension broken dreams," super girl came to fight for a cause. In many female players, ring 9 is a representative of "minority culture". To advance all the way to the semi-finals, in addition to singing, she is more depend on the spirit and perseverance! No. 16 super girl Wang Jinjin, the character of the careless girl, appeared on the stage after the transient gas field full of "queen". She was born to a bar singer many spots, but the judges and fans support, in her own words: "it is not." It is reported that the 06 super girl champion Shang Wenjie for Wang Jinjin had fancied point name her as "the next Yu brilliance". With the 2016 Super Girls championship finals night approaching, the game host lineup, link arrangement and star also)相关的主题文章: