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Xi Jinping governing the country key words the new Long March – Sohu news 4000dy

Key words: Xi Jinping governing the new Long March – Sohu news on the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march past Red Army memorial meeting, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping soulful made an important speech, memory of the hard expedition 80 years ago. In his speech, Xi Jinping informed that the "new Chinese was established, through hard exploration and tortuous practice, we opened a new era of reform and opening up, to the socialist construction China characteristics of the new long march." What does the "new Long March" mean? Why to continue to uphold the spirit of the long march in the new era? We can see from Xi Jinping’s speeches, a more comprehensive exposition. The new Long March a new mission in December 31, 2013, the CPPCC National Committee Xi Jinping in the new year tea party, was first mentioned in the new long march on the road of reform and opening up, together to write a new chapter in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream". This year, Xi Jinping on a number of occasions to talk about what is the new long march". In July 18th, Xi Jinping’s visit to Ningxia, from Guyuan city six Panshan airport, drove more than 1 hours to visit Taiwan fort in Xiji County, the Red Army forces monument, visited the long march of the Red Army memorial, memorial reunion. There, Xi Jinping pointed out: to promote the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the new long march". He said, the great spirit of the long march is a vivid reflection of the Chinese Communist revolutionary style, we must continue to combine the new reality of good inheritance, carry forward good. To promote the China socialism new March to continue the relay, for a long time, every generation of people we have to take our own road." In September 23rd, Xi Jinping went to visit the people’s Revolutionary Military Museum Chinese, "epic immortal monument — to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march Chinese Red Army theme exhibition", clearly pointed out the "new Long March" is to realize the "two one hundred year" goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream road. It can be said that in the new period of reform and opening up to promote the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the new mission, is the new era of the long march. The new value of the long march spirit began in October 1934. The spirit of Long March concentrates on the ideal pursuit and belief of the Communist Party of China since its founding. Xi Jinping pointed out that "the great spirit of the Long March, is the people and the Chinese nation’s fundamental interests above all, firm revolutionary ideals and beliefs, that just cause the inevitable victory of the spirit; in order to save the country and the people, not afraid of any hardships and dangers, pay all the expense of the spirit; is to adhere to the independent, realistic, everything from the actual of the spirit; is the overall situation, strict discipline, strong spirit of solidarity; is to rely firmly on the people and with the people, the spirit of hard work, go through thick and thin together in life and death." Every age has its own characteristics and difficulties. Today’s Long March compared with the Red Army’s Long March, with the reform and opening up, we have been through the road of the new Long March compared to the environment, conditions, tasks, power and other aspects of the poor.相关的主题文章:

A man opened the black car detained the driver threw a baby – Beijing run away thinkpad s230u

A man opened the "black car" detained the driver threw a baby run away – Beijing Nanchang newspaper (reporter Cai Yinghui) with Nanchang Wanda open playground, every weekend there are a lot of people, accordingly, to the "black car showmanship" is also increasing. In September 25th, Nanchang City Management Office of law enforcement personnel to carry out remediation, results in the investigation of the first "black car", was embarrassed…… Day 15, the Department of law enforcement officers in the Wanda Mao next to the bus station found a van is loaded. For the sake of safety, law enforcement officers to the nearby West Railway Station Square before the red light when it stopped. After opening the van door, the reporter saw the load of 7 vehicles, and even a total of the driver installed a total of 12 people. When law enforcement officers on the vehicle passengers forensics investigation, the driver of the car to a more than 1 months old baby lost in the copilot position, shouting: "you want to buckle my car, put my child buckle!" Then sped away. The presence of law enforcement officers helpless. "Such a small baby in the car, the weather was hot, have a good how to do?" Nanchang City Management Office inspection responsible person said, the child when the chips threatening law enforcement officers. It is the first time meet. Subsequently, law enforcement officers called the relevant person in charge of the police station and West Railway Station comprehensive management office, hoping to find the driver or the driver by their families. When we discuss countermeasures, had slept in the copilot of the baby woke up and cried, the law enforcement officers on the scene were panic. Finally an older player picked up the baby to coax. At this point, in the help of the people, not far away the driver was also found back. However, he still refused to pick up their children, to put his car away, he was willing to pick up their children. From 16 to 17 PM, to persuade the police station earnestly, the driver surnamed Deng finally took the baby sleep soundly, when law enforcement officers dare to leave.相关的主题文章:

Japanese hospital poison bite suspected of killing 48 people involved in the police – Sichuan Channe mcncc

Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect killed 48 police intervention – Sichuan channel — original title: Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect caused 48 deaths in September 26th, Yokohama big media reporters gathered outside the hospital. Morning news reporter Xu Huifen reported that the Japanese city of Yokohama big mouth hospital poison murder intensified. Earlier, police confirmed that two patients because of "poison drop" poisoning, but according to Japan’s Kyodo News 29 reported that during the period from July to September 20th, two people were hospitalized in the 4 floor of a total of 48 people were killed, at present, the Japanese police investigation. Hospital patients died is a little more located in Yokohama County of Kanagawa City, Japan’s big hospital, is a specialized hospital equipment department and Department of orthopedics and Rehabilitation Department of the hospital, a total of 85 beds, receiving the patients are mostly elderly patients, many seriously ill patients. Although many elderly patients with serious illness in the hospital, but over the past two months, the number of patients died in the hospital is still a little more. The relevant personnel Kyodo News 29, citing the hospital revealed that in late August and mid September respectively appeared one day 5 people died and 4 people, but the hospital did not find the situation of nosocomial infection, so that it is caused by an increase in critically ill patients. Nurses found abnormal alarm transfusion bag thing in September 20th is now a clue. Around 10 p.m. on September 19th, Yamaki Nobuo, a 88 year old patient, finished the last drop. 20 early morning, eight volumes of death. The nurse found that eight volumes of the infusion bag is abnormal, then the alarm. Judicial autopsy results show that the eight volume for poisoning death. It is reported that the remains of the body from the eight volumes and its use in the infusion bag were detected in detergent or pharmaceutical products, including the composition of the surfactant. Kanagawa County police suspect it was a case of foreign body ingestion by infusion of the murder of the patient, and then investigate. In September 26th, the police announced the evening of September 18th in the hospital died in a 88 year old patient Xichuan? Tibet also died of poisoning in the Department, the remains were also detected in the same surfactant composition. Kyodo news agency said 29, in the hospital on the ground floor of the nurse station in the remaining 4 bags of unused infusion bag, the police found that about 10 bags of surfactants mixed with traces of the left in the bag, the police found that about 50 bags. Investigators said the small pinhole was found in rubber seals the infusion bag on the bolt. The task force believes that it is likely that someone with a syringe will be mixed with surfactant infusion bag. (Zhang Hua, Gao Hongxia dimension: commissioning editor) original title: Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect killed 48 people "to be familiar with medical device for people" analysis, which is likely to be familiar with the situation of hospital violence crime. On the one hand, these holes in the rubber seal plug infusion bag, the bag does not leave holes or obvious signs. Intravenous injection, rubber seal will be stripped, and the rubber is elastic, so can not see clearly through the needle marks, so the police suspect should be familiar to the medical people. In addition, the perpetrators should be familiar with hospital care相关的主题文章:

Shanghai, a white Bentley car driver was stopped in the deck will be deducted 24 points – Sohu news lara fabian

Shanghai, a white Bentley car driver was stopped in the deck will be deducted 24 points – Sohu news October 26th afternoon, a car suspension Shanghai brand white Bentley car parked in Shanghai city of Yangpu District Dalian Road, the front is decorated with heart-shaped rose group. Limo appeared immediately attracted passers-by onlookers. However, this car white Bentley continental sports car is the day of the Shanghai traffic police detachment maneuver on patrol found in the suspected vehicle deck. The white Bentley car deck suspected. Surging news () reporter learned from the Shanghai police department, in the afternoon at 2:45 PM, traffic police detachment maneuver patrol, found a road car fleet in Zhoujiazui Road near Dalian Road, a total of 5 vehicles, of which the lead is hanging "Shanghai BGM018" brand white Bentley continental coupe. The police to follow the process, the police found the vehicle information query PDA, registration of vehicles for the gray, obviously not in front of the white car, then the car fleet stopped, asked the driver of the vehicle source. Cao said the driver is a wedding company to allow him to temporarily drive, 5 hours, 150 yuan, as the source of the car he is not clear. When the car with the bride and groom wedding that alleged decks, immediately expressed support for police work, the taxi to leave. With the vehicle when the vehicle deck suspected know the bride and groom, immediately expressed support for police work, the taxi to leave. Police Langang Xu told reporters, in the process of inspection of the vehicle, found the car has a printed frame number, you can freely change the vehicle number on the front windshield; and found the vehicle identification number has been changed, the frame number and engine cabin front frame number does not match the wind in the glass. Through the PDA query, the police found the license plate and the driving license had a. In addition, the inspection process was also found in the vehicle carrying two sets of the same suspected forgery of environmental signs and vehicle inspection marks. Accordingly, the police found the vehicle suspected of deck. The traffic police department said, at present, the car has been withheld, the driver Jo was also handed over to the Hongkou police department. Jo’s alleged use of illegal other motor vehicle license plate, driving license and others use fake insurance mark, vehicle inspection marks, facing a record 24 points, fines and penalties of detention. In addition, the local traffic police department will also carry out further verification of the source of the vehicle, etc..相关的主题文章:

Watch 14 pioneer Betta ngacup officially start VG started opening antik

Watch "14" pioneer Betta NGAcup officially start VG started opening by Betta and NGA jointly organized the "Betta NGA Cup" will be started in the first week of the competition in November 14th to November 17th, the contest has invited 32 star team, professional tournament team, the prize pool rich, is bound to bring you different viewing experience. Group 32 teams have been released, the first round group phase will be in late November 14th 7 started, each team of the "Betta NGA Cup" are unique, they will bring wonderful performance to us? The opening of war by the VG team started the first team NGA followed by Tree9 and TEAM OK team also appeared on the 14 day of competition, the first day of competition will usher in four popular team exciting battle, who can win in the first week of the game? Let us concern Betta live with NGA, together with the feelings of fiery passion in this winter, sharing wonderful gaming feast, "Betta NGA CUP"! Match address: the tournament’s official website: November 14th to November 17th, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night at 7 for the first group game, game mode is BO3, each win a log 1 points, the team eventually top two teams qualify. Rankings are sorted according to total integral double cycle after the end; if the same points, sorted by most points; if this differential remains the same according to the outcome of the relationship between the sort. Game time November 14th -12 6 (19:00-23:00) of conventional integral match on December 7th (19:00-23:00) eight December 8th (19:00-23:00) semi final match rules: group phase a total of 32 teams, divided into 8 groups, each group of 4 teams, each team to take the points system, decide the first and two round of 16. 16 to the semi-finals in the form of BO3, the final use of BO5. Use custom game mode. Introduction: the NGA system CUP race by the second season of competitive mode rules. Occupy the map: the first three points will win. Offensive and defensive battle map: the two teams each play an offensive side, after the end of all the high scoring party wins. A hybrid map of the carrying target: the team that wins the most distant position in a given time. A page is belonging to the Wuhan Betta Betta Betta Network Technology Co. Ltd, a dedicated to all people to bring joy to share live barrage site, is the domestic broadcast sharing site leader. Betta formerly known as live broadcast live, in January 1, 2014 officially changed its name to Betta, steadily improve on the existing basis, do the best. At present, they mainly live games, covering sports, arts, entertainment and other broadcast content. Every day, there are tens of thousands of spectators and anchor the shared laughter in paradise, a.相关的主题文章: