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Changzhou woman to borrow money to use nude as a guarantee of money has not been accused of extortio htc802w

Changzhou woman borrow in nude guarantee money is not credited against extortion news reporters from Litchi Changzhou public security department was informed that the day before, Changzhou Tianning carving a woman through a network platform for loan, the other party to the nude guarantee, the woman will be his nude for gospel truth, to each other, did not expect the other side not only transfer instead, use the woman nude threat. Diao Zhuang Hu’s recent hand tight, a chance to see someone on the Internet can handle small unsecured loans, it added to the other side of QQ, two people agreed to borrow 3000 yuan in QQ, according to 25% interest. At that time, the other is proposed by WeChat a platform of a borrower IOU, IOU generated by WeChat. At the same time, the other side also proposed to be on the safe side, to provide a Nude Nude as a guarantee. Hu rushed to spend money, but also did not want to send their own nude in the past. I did not expect the other side to receive photos, not only did not immediately transfer, but also for the charge of the bill, Hu refused, the other to the phone to stop as soon as possible, an excuse to put forward second days transfer. Did not expect the other second days, betray, to the naked as a threat, to Hu also 3000 yuan, otherwise it will be released online nude. Not only that, the other side also according to Hu on the promissory note left on the guarantor number, called Hu’s family and friends, said Hu does not have to borrow money, they asked for repayment. Afraid of Hu immediately to Diao Zhuang police station, at present, the case is under further investigation. Extended video: a woman has nothing to do with the original kick the door. The man相关的主题文章:

A the underground miners in Northern Shaanxi coal – Sohu smashed paralysis news

A: the coal miners in Northern Shaanxi people in the underground smashed paralysis Sohu news Fugu County Road, coal vehicle Liu Tianhua lying in bed, some confused cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Shaanxi reported in Fugu if not a misfortune, Liu Tianhua (a pseudonym) never thought of leaving. He has lived here for 8 years, and his blood is full of memories of coal. But a drop from the clouds of coal, let him stand up from the strong body — the rest of his life, or will always and with paralysis. Fugu County, Shaanxi, the town of the Yellow River and the environment, with 200 tons of coal resources. 950 square kilometers of land, tens of thousands of scattered like Liu Tianhua from around the country who work. They are at the cost of health, the achievement of a city, but also the achievements of their own. With overcapacity and supply side reforms, some of them will leave the land. In late October 2016, the cover news (thecover) reporter came to Fugu, visited the coal miners. A lump of coal will he paralyzed after a month, the Northern Shaanxi Plateau on winter is coming, the grass covered the slope has been showing weakness. The autumn wind swept away, long days gradually bleak. Liu Tianhua leaned on the bed, calculating, what kind of state to return home. Greasy hair, thin face and long beard repair, let him look like the grass, some decadent. "A disgrace." The villagers came to see him after greeting, he even said several times "a", a face of anxiety. "What a shame? Waiting for you in the hospital, the factory lost some money, get back to do business, so the baby raised!" His wife Lin Ying (a pseudonym) quickly interrupted him, and slowly down, "you don’t think about what is shame, shame? Compared to those who (mine accidents) not to the people, you are lucky enough, you will feel at ease recuperate……" Liu Tianhua is 36 years old this year, Fugu county is a large coal mine forklift workers. Half a day, he and the workers in deep wells, head suddenly fell on a lump of dozens of kilograms of coal, hit him on the lumbar avoid leaning to either side. When he came back, he was lying in the hospital bed. The doctor told him, lumbar fracture, nerve damage, he may stand up in the future may be minimal. This makes Liu Tianhua desperate. In the county hospital for treatment after a few months, in order to save money, he moved to Xinmin Town Fugu County hospital. Behold, the day of October 24th, Xinmin Town occurred in possession of explosives exploded, the explosion point Xinmin hospital less than 200 meters, the hospital damaged, he was transferred to the Shenmu county shop tower town hospital. Fugu County plant was a monthly income of 1.2 million to support one family so repeatedly toss, let the mood bad Liu Tianhua some regret go underground choice. Also feel more and more, and not get rise head and shoulders above others also fell a hemiplegia, back home, really ashamed". Liu Tianhua’s hometown in Shaanxi, Hanzhoung, he is the boss, there is a younger brother. Parents in rural farming. Because of poverty, he did not finish primary school drop out.相关的主题文章:

Yi Chang shares losses in the first half of 75 million 340 thousand the main industry sluggish trans noiseware

Yi Chang shares losses in the first half of 75 million 340 thousand the main industry sluggish transformation of "walking" hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years of experience in the veteran reporter Chen Pengli every August 24th, Yichang shares (002420 SZ), released the first half of the performance report shows that although the benefit from the business growth, the company’s revenue grew, but the company failed to meet profit targets, the company net profit from profit to loss, a loss of 75 million 343 thousand yuan, down 775.7% year-on-year, down 12007% year-on-year net profit after deduction of non. It is worth noting that the first half of Yichang shares each category product gross margin was greatly decreased, the home appliance industry product gross margin of only 6.9%. Yi Chang shares securities representative Zheng Xiaoqin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the home appliance industry company product gross margin decline is affected by rising raw material prices, the downstream TV price war double attack results. The company’s management and R & D costs are also the main factors affecting the product margin. The company’s sharp decline in net profit is mainly due to the new LCD panel inventory 32 million 780 thousand yuan. Reporters noted that the sluggish growth in the traditional manufacturing business, Yi Chang shares also tried through the extension of the main industry to find a new growth point, however, new business development does not seem smooth, investment benefit has not appeared. The appliance was downstream "squeezed" Yichang shares semi annual report shows that the TV integrated machine, TV structure and white structure and other home appliances product structure is still the main source of income of the company. In the first half of this year the company achieved net profit of 75 million 343 thousand yuan, while last year the company’s net profit of $11 million 150 thousand, a sharp decline of 775.7%. Yi Chang shares explained, because the company is in a transitional period of transformation and upgrading, the market overall gross margin is generally low, the LCD TV panel inventory loss, high labor costs and a series of factors. Zheng Xiaoqin told reporters that the company needs to purchase TV integrated machine LCD panel as a raw material, since the first half of the domestic LCD panel prices continue to fall, the LCD panel purchased last year for the first half of the inventory impairment. According to Yi Chang shares after the announcement, the company stock 42 inch LCD panel TV signs marked impairment in their own company, impairment provision for inventory impairment of $32 million 784 thousand. However, the "daily economic news" reporter noted, Yi Chang shares in each product category of the gross margin also fell. One TV integrated machine gross margin was only 6.11%, down by 5.76%; TV structure gross margin was only about $9.81%, the white structure of the gross profit margin of only about 7.2%, the appliance industry average gross margin was only. Gross margin gross margin of automotive structural parts is only 10.54%. Zheng Xiaoqin said that the company’s home appliance structure product gross margin in the industry is a medium level, gross profit margin fell mainly from the theory相关的主题文章:

Transmission and distribution price reform into the deep water focus on promoting the impleme diamondprox

Electricity transmission and distribution reform into the deep water area of   focus on promoting the implementation of energy price mechanism — Xinhua pictures recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a "provincial power grid transmission and distribution electricity pricing method (Trial draft)". The current round of transmission and distribution price reform in accordance with the principle of allowing the cost plus reasonable income approved independent transmission and distribution of electricity prices, and through the pilot mode for the follow-up to promote the development of electricity to provide experience. Transmission and distribution price reform of the new round of electricity reform, one of the core. Transmission and distribution pricing approach introduced, which means that electricity into the deep water area. Director of the center for energy research center of the Internet, Zeng Ming told the China Securities Journal reporter, said the next step will focus on promoting the implementation of electricity transmission and distribution price mechanism, while accelerating the release of electricity sales side of the. Promoting the reform of electricity market reform is a major difficulty in the reform of electric power system. Since the State Grid has been occupied, fat, lose, distribution, sale, an important position, with its monopoly position, independent transmission and distribution price is shelved, the price is easy to distort. The government had issued the "Interim Measures for the management of transmission and distribution price", "transmission and distribution pricing cost supervision and examination methods (Trial)" and other policies, but the power transmission pricing problem still has not been resolved. The new pricing method defines the independent transmission and distribution price formation mechanism, laying the foundation for the orderly promotion of electricity market reform. Transmission and distribution price approved construction of system rules mechanism as the core, to provide distribution services related assets, cost basis, first determine the transmission and distribution businesses to income, and to permit the income as the foundation, different voltage grade, transmission and distribution price approved by the user category. Transmission and distribution of electricity to implement pre regulation, regulatory period is tentatively scheduled for three years. In the past, the main grid enterprises through the sale of electricity and electricity to buy the difference to obtain profits. After the reform, in accordance with the permit cost plus a reasonable return on the principle of "wheeling charge."." The price of the national development and Reform Commission Secretary Shi Zihai said that the reform of electricity transmission and distribution is the key to reform measures to control the middle ", is to change the grid enterprise supervision mode, break the power in the" buy "and" sell "the two" double monopoly". "Approach" also clearly the transmission and distribution price calculation method. In accordance with the principle of "reasonable cost plus reasonable income", the power grid enterprise shall be divided into three parts, namely, the permitted cost, the income and the tax. The relevant factors affecting the transmission and distribution electricity pricing, such as depreciation, maintenance fees, effective assets, the permitted return rate of all the provisions of the approved standards of concrete; shall not be included in the scope of the pricing of electricity transmission and distribution costs, assets also made clear. The implementation of the reform of electricity transmission and distribution price is to restore the electricity into the commodity, so that the upstream price can be sensitive to the downstream transmission, and ultimately allow the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of power resources." Energy XinDa securities industry analyst Cao Yin further explained, "after the pilot around to summarize the law, establish approved scientific index system, realize the historical cost, and cross subsidy grid investment quantity and standardization, as far as possible to be objective and impartial." Zeng Ming analysis said that the reason for the transmission and distribution of electricity price reform is difficult to change, mainly reflected in three)相关的主题文章:

Bayan five illegal quarries were shut down without any formalities hidden dangers jiqingwuyuetian

Bayan County five illegal quarry was shut down without any formalities kept hidden newspaper news (reporter Gao Hongfei) the day before, received a report of Harbin safety supervision department, said Bayan County Shaoling mountain there are many quarries, without any formalities, at night to steal production, there are security risks. The safety supervision department of Harbin by nearly two weeks, hit Bayan County shut down 5 illegal quarry production. The investigation, Bayan County, West Town Mountain Shaoling a total of 5 quarries, respectively Zhijun quarry, Changfeng first quarry, Jetion quarry, Xing Ji quarry quarry and prosperity. Zhijun quarry is divided into 4 mining areas, the first 3 Changfeng quarry mining area, belong to different owners. These mines mixed in a mountain, the boundary is not clear, and lack of coordination, the scene was very chaotic. Spot checks found that 2 of mine has 4 shooting hole phenomenon, mine has broken stone pile, and a car to transport the stone. After inspection, Zhijun quarry no mining license and no security license, and the remaining 4 have mining permits, and no security license. Law enforcement officers were carried out investigation of the mining, and interviewed the owners, the workers immediately withdraw, stop all production activities, and write a guarantee. To prevent these quarries secretly production behavior, law enforcement personnel to take the following measures: first of all is the quarry were sealed electrical treatment; two is chained to all stone machine moving parts mechanical lock; the three is sent by the Bayan County mountain to die to defend.相关的主题文章: