Did not hold back, but also a wave! Halloween, how can a little funny food Sohu – bleep

Did not hold back, but also a wave! Halloween, how can a little funny food? Sohu joy funny baby? E? Come to halloween! What do you expect most? The excitement is dressed in outlandish costume? Or beg for candy when happiness? Or perhaps it’s a pleasure to carve a pumpkin lantern yourself? Every big and little friends, will have different expectations for the holidays, of course, there is also worth looking forward to, that is the same creative Halloween delicacy!!! Even if you are not good at cooking, can also be a little fun during the holiday season, home for the change of fruit shape, add more color for the holidays. A few pieces of chocolate, let Mr. banana instantly become ghosts! The peeled orange yellow plug in celery, pumpkin looks very attractive Kazakhstan Halloween fruit meal should look like this! Peel the apple peel, right? It turns out to be a mummy ~ Mummy – peanut butter to the banana around a few laps, so that the mummy resurrection! These lovely big mouth is made of apple slice + sugar sugar flowers + peanut butter made of green apple and melon seed kernel + peanut butter + Strawberry, cute and delicious ~ ~ the orange flesh out, cut out the facial features and facial expression, a lovely fruit cup, give you a ghost to eat lollipop! Wow, the black spider is crawling! Popcorn in a pair of gloves, to send you a ghost claw! Housewives can bake, roast – the mummy of a hot dog! Halloween breakfast can be like this: a small cup cake deformation big spider face small cake, you want to eat? Cheese pieces of tassels, and finger cookies into a witch’s broom, placed on the table must be cute. Cucumber slices into a shape, either with salad or made pasta, are filled with a thick atmosphere of halloween. The black olive into a spider like appearance, so unique shape, the child must be full of freshness! The pepper cut out the facial features and facial expression, in such delicious food, who will form a bright eyes): we all love Halloween, not only because it makes the dull life a little relief, but also because of this festival is full of joy too many elements, can be creative, wonderful, and the children together, starting from the familiar food, enjoy Halloween brings us unlimited fun! Images from the network touchBox small passenger art enlightenment from the parent company to start a small touchBox passenger, has been working hard and want to let the art of life, the popularity of touchB相关的主题文章: