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Did not taste the autumn of this little thing how perfect? Original title: did not taste the chestnut fall, how can be perfect! Recently, the office of small partners are obsessed with chestnut, one can not stop eating. Chestnuts are tonifying kidney, bone health, Yiwei Pinggan effect, "king of fruits" reputation. However, if the stomach is not good, it is best not to eat, so as to avoid the phenomenon of gas stagnation. Teach you a simple way to peel chestnuts! 1 chestnuts with scissors cut a small mouth; 2 into the microwave oven heating 30-60 3 seconds; this can be very easy to peel chestnuts ~ peel chestnuts can be used to make every kind of chestnut meal ~ sugar fried chestnut, chestnut porridge, and to share with you today in chestnut mushroom and chestnut stew soup rice! Poke video, see the tutorial first ~ (video length: 2:59) – Jason Mraz Ximena music, Sariana – Lucky (Suerte) think that the video is not clear buddy can enter the Tencent video web search "star food inspection" can see HD video ~ welcome buddies to B station (BiliBili brush barrage) oh! Chestnut chestnut mushroom soup… Water… 300g… 750ml… With… 2… 1 teaspoon of salt…… 1 mushroom wash slice, put aside; 2 chestnuts and water into a broken machine to stir into mashed chestnuts; 3 the mud poured into the pot to boil, add mushrooms, salt, boil mushrooms soft can. When boiled chestnuts soup to keep stirring to avoid paste pot. Chestnut stew rice grains… 170g… Chestnuts…… 16 carrots…… a cauliflower… 100g… Nuts…… the amount of coriander…… the amount of water… 300ml… Oil…… the amount of kelp powder…… 1 teaspoon 1 grain wash rice soak, chestnuts, carrots and broccoli chop; 2 meters into the grain in the pot, add 400ml of water, small fire after the fire to boil, cover and cook for 10 minutes, until the water meters drain off the fire, put aside; 3 pan pour some oil, add cauliflower and carrots, stir fry, Sheng out of standby; 4 pan and pour some oil in the grain, rice, stir fry evenly after adding 13 water and kelp powder, boil water into 5 meters; add 13 water, add chestnuts, stir fry until the water is dry, add the remaining 13 of the water, stir fry until the water dried into the fry of 6; Carrots and broccoli, stir evenly off the fire Sheng, sprinkle with pine nuts, put coriander as embellishment. 1 grains can be used for brown rice or Italy risotto rice instead of Arborio, with the two kinds of rice risotto, Steamed Rice capsules clearly, not paste; 2 Steamed Rice too dry can avoid adding water, paste pot, can according to personal taste by adding the amount of salt. Student party ~相关的主题文章: