Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion luxury giant LVMH decided to make a change pigeon blood

Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion luxury giant LVMH decided to make a transition from the active lead: technology investment company, to appoint the chief digital officer clear planning group digital development strategies in the future, LV’s parent company LVMH group decided it was time to accelerate the digitalization of all brands of the group. Digital marketing is a foregone conclusion that LVMH luxury giant decided to change recently, journalist Yves Messarovich in his book "creative passion (La Passion Creá tive)" revealed that the LVMH Group Chairman and chief executive officer Bernard Arnott regretted not to seize the opportunity in time since the Microsoft Corp’s investment, so pay special attention in the later group as the field of the Internet: as Bill Gates’s admirers, Arnott was convinced that the Internet can bring all sorts of possibilities, the book also mentioned this market "old fox" was founded in 2001 in an online bank, called "The Bank" — unfortunately, this project soon failed this also led to him, in a period of time of the group’s brand development in the field of the Internet has taken a slightly negative state Degree. Luxury brands in the face of the attitude of digital development has been very subtle, they always worry that the Internet will make the brand over exposure, so that the high-end image of hard work will be devalued. However, the current consumer, especially millennials, to get the brand information and choose the shopping channel more and more on digital platforms, resulting in the luxury goods industry to make corresponding adjustments in the retail, marketing mode. Burberry is the first initiative to embrace the Internet, and go far, the most active luxury brands. From the network live fashion show to the first Snapchat release of brand advertising, and even the shop in the use of digital products to provide services for the guests of the proportion is far higher than other brands; Tommy Hilfiger is the first Facebook Messenger smart chat robot (Chatbot) to communicate with the consumer brand; put the Prada into a digital site the museum, or a variety of consumer information through the website to find the brand fans has been established. Burberry in London’s Regent Street flagship store with the most advanced digital technology, combining online and offline for the guests to provide services in China, Burberry and Coach have settled Tmall Mall (now Coach has been active from the Tmall platform, Dior offline) with the Tencent to sell a limited cooperation bag in WeChat terminal, and has publicly refused to e-commerce the Chanel also choose WeChat sold on the latest release of "five water" perfume…… These brands in the digital field test although caused no small controversy, but on the whole, the superior top brands conform to the consumer purchase patterns change, it received good feedback.   Dior sold a limited edition on WeChat in 2016.相关的主题文章: