Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun in July and peaceful demonstration of early autumn collocation

"Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun" in July and peaceful demonstration lead: Autumn collocation was recently named "this year’s most understand Girls movie" July "and still" you see? Now this movie has grossed billions of dollars, is really Hin fire! Although two heroines in them at the age of 27 to take a different road. They love to kill yiyanbuge, torn clothing Biao play, messy but cast a 27 year old woman should look like. (content source: Amy) in July and still played by Ma Sichun in July is a cute girl, quiet and introverted. In July Dongyu Zhou’s peace is what people in the eyes of the "bad boy", but dare to do their own. She peers stranger bestie, although the idea that because in love with a man and love to kill. When they are 27 years old, in July because of postpartum hemorrhage and died; she raised July children and live gradually became her. Dongyu Zhou because of life, so every girl can not help but began to transform into the appearance of July, and this change is not a moment will be able to do. But can start from the following July outfit, style of dress, dress will suddenly light Cougar ~ ~ Ma Sichun coat × collocation of tight pants knitted jacket + Jeans – simple hard to go wrong. Plus senior luxury embellishment: Chanel double color shoes, LV long jacket with tights相关的主题文章: