Dunhuang West Cheonbuldong suspected Tower Square Building incubus

Dunhuang West Cheonbuldong suspected tower square building on 31 August, Lanzhou newspaper (reporter correspondent Song Xiqun An Wenxuan) "2016 Dunhuang Forum: blend and Innovation — in commemoration of Mogao Grottoes created the" International Symposium on the day before 1650 in Gansu held in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. During the meeting, Mogao Grottoes, West sister grotto Cheonbuldong the latest archaeological found disclosed for the first time, attention. The West Cheonbuldong newly discovered rare square building sites, according to preliminary expert inference may be kentucky. It is understood that a total of 179 square buildings found in a row of 3 rows of neat. At present, severely damaged, height of only 30 cm, very poor preservation. Because of the lack of relevant documents and evidence, the function and the age of the square building is still uncertain. Deputy researcher of Dunhuang Archaeological Research Institute Wang Jianjun participated in the archaeological work, he told reporters: "the tower features two, one week, another is to bury the monk. If the church tower, people around the tower, but the distance between two square only 20 to 60 cm, the width of only 60 cm, people basically can not go, so that the church is not appropriate; if it is buried, we feel this is the three row forming a turn." Relevant experts refer to the literature before and after 1900, very little about the construction of the cave temple square. Locals also have no impression of Tallinn on such a scale. So Wang Jianjun said, "Kentucky is just a guess. It was also put forward similar zhuangjingtong basal views in Tibet, but could not find any surrounding zhuangjingtong debris and other objects, can not be confirmed. Although a square building function and in still in doubt, but one thing is for sure, it and the West thousand Buddha grottoes are closely related. Wang Jianjun told reporters that this batch of the location of the building is very strange, just in the frescoes of the cave on the cliff top, and is the basic alignment. It is a pity that there are few relics excavated and cleaned up, and there is not enough material to support the function of these buildings. Because these Grottoes cliff is located in the tower top, inconvenience pedestrians, and taking into account the natural erosion, now after excavation after have done backfill protection, awaiting further research.相关的主题文章: