Foreign media again responded that Ali sec routine questioning the truth will prevail

Foreign media again responded that Ali SEC routine questioning the truth will come out in 11 on the occasion of the upcoming, a company called "New York post" of the American media mentioned again half a year ago SEC (SEC) for a routine information Alibaba and Alibaba, said a high layer is providing clues to the investigation of SEC workers. Alibaba again responded to the rumors related to Alibaba spokesman responded that, as a global concern of the listed company, candid response from all walks of life question, is our responsibility, we actively cooperate fully with all sorts of questions and queries, we also believe that the day will come. In this report, the double 11 period, the spokesman said: "we are already accustomed to the annual double 11 period, all kinds of attacks and stirred up. This is not the first time, it will not be the last time, more absurd and ridiculous than there are more, but it will not affect and interfere with our preparation for double 11." It is reported that in May 25, 2016, Alibaba submitted to the SEC fiscal year 2016 annual report. The annual report disclosure initiative from the SEC routine information inquiry. SEC once reminded, routine inquiry should not by the commission or the Commission staff to explain or implied as a violation of federal law. Ali side said that despite the SEC made a reminder, but the message is still dubbed Alibaba accept SEC rigorous investigation, the news was wantonly spread. Pacific Plaza analysis (Pacific Square Research) and other short institutions continue to express their views, and appeared in the "post" report. In this regard, the spokesman stressed: Ali investors, we have detailed and transparent information disclosure, to provide you with the understanding and judgment of Ali’s reference. At the same time, according to the clues and evidence that we have mastered, we reserve the right to exercise legal action against the malicious acts of the short sellers and competitors."相关的主题文章: