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" girlfriend " help open shop nearly 100 Gang cheat about 6000000 " join fee " – China Network yesterday, Jiangbei police told reporters that the details of a fraud, fraud amount of $about 6000000. In April this year, in Ningbo, a University Master of the sun through a dating site, met a girl. Through a period of time to chat, komago on the net is called "the most beautiful" my mother daughter girl full of affection, the two quickly warm up. The girl told Xiao Sun, her name is Liu Wen, after graduating from college in Cixi, a beauty shop to work, but also operates an online shop. Chatted for a few days later, the girl said she joined a Zhengzhou Taobao generation operation website, this website can be on behalf of her business shop, just spend a little money, you can save the purchase, website design, delivery to return a series of process. She told me that as long as the payment of a fee, do not have so much trouble every day, up to half an hour to look at it." Sun said that with more and more contacts, the girls are more about their work, and said that two people have a common interest is very important, which makes the sun slowly produced the idea of operating a shop. This time, the girl offers a web technical staff to contact komago, after some communication, at the same time, in order to give the girls a good impression, in April 24th this year, at noon, komago remit 1880 yuan management fee in accordance with the other requirements. But in the afternoon, komago huiguoshenlai not found, through the telephone to find site technical staff, the phone was busy, to find QQ Liu Wen, have been aware of each other to pull the black, cheated komago this alarm. After the alarm, Jiangbei Public Security Bureau set up task force. After two months of investigation, found that "Liu Wen" is not in Cixi, but in Henan more than 1 thousand km outside of Zhengzhou, and this is not a single crime, hidden behind a hundred professional fraud gang. In July 7th, Henan local public security cooperation, the police to arrest the gang, arresting 93 suspects, criminal detention of 31 people, and seized more than and 100 sets of computer crime, after inquiry bank bills, the gang crime amount up to about 6000000 yuan. Chat with the sun, Liu Wen, who is one of the 93, is not a woman, even they can not remember. Newspaper correspondent Wang Cen newspaper reporter Gong Zhenyue相关的主题文章: