Guangdong, Foshan to provide legal assistance to the telecommunications fraud in Taiwan, Changhua yo te amo

Guangdong Foshan telecommunications fraud judicial assistance – Beijing, China News Agency, Foshan in September 12, Taiwan to Changhua (Cheng Jingwei Sun Nan) in Guangdong Province, Foshan City Intermediate People’s court said on 12, the hospital recently by the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court appointed to assist the Taiwan area Changhua district court to investigate a case of "large telecommunications fraud gangs the criminal case related crimes for judicial assistance. According to reports, the Taiwan District of Changhua district court, the principal judicial organ retrieval about the facts of the crime is a request for judicial assistance, since the beginning of April 9th this year, cross-strait judicial cooperation to combat cross-border telecommunications fraud action, on the basis of "another judicial cooperation of cross-strait common fight against crime and judicial assistance agreement" and carry out. Foshan City Intermediate People’s Court of the two court president Lin Weifeng said the judicial cooperation work involved in the Taiwan area the defendant Lin Mouxian 19 people, involving ICBC, agricultural bank, China China bank, China Merchants Bank and other more than and 10 financial institutions in 45 to four in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou accounts, Foshan. The judicial cooperation in the presence of some of the evidence submitted by the judicial authorities in Taiwan is not accurate, as well as financial institutions to assist in the forensic assistance business does not understand the difficulties, Lin Weifeng said. Data show that since 2014, Hong Kong and Macao has handled 36 cases of judicial assistance commissioned by the Foshan City Intermediate People’s court, to assist the content involves the entrustment of the service and commissioned by the examination of witnesses, collect documentary and other matters entrusted. At the same time, there are as many as 120 cases in Foshan to start the commissioning of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan authorities to assist the service, the investigation process. (end)相关的主题文章: