Henan traffic police law enforcement car accident caused by the death of the girl was sentenced to c xhero

Henan traffic police cited the accident caused girl was killed was sentenced to compensate 100 thousand illegal – reporter Han Jingwei the police check the illegal vehicles on the road, by truck crashed into a 16 year old girl, and caused the death of the girl. The girl’s family believes that the police in the investigation of illegal vehicles in the process, no choice does not interfere with traffic and security sites, the existence of illegal behavior, should bear responsibility for this purpose. The court found that the traffic police team violations, ordered the police team to compensate victims of the total cost of 100 thousand yuan. September 7th, the reporter learned from the Jiaozuo intermediate people’s court, the hospital through the publication of the above people suing officials typical case, analysis of the reasons for the loss of administrative organs, and made judicial recommendations to help the executive branch to enhance law enforcement capabilities. The traffic police enforcement lead accident, caused by the death of the girl on August 12, 2010 morning at 9:50 PM, Jiaozuo City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of two police brigade in Jiaozuo City, the Central Plains Road and road intersection with the vehicle bumper, north-south two-way traffic. In the meantime, the traffic police on duty found a license from the south to the north of Henan HS1561 white light truck, the existence of illegal loading of cement bags. Thus, the car stopped at the junction of the eastern side of the road to check. At this time, another car license for HB7215 light dump truck, the Central Plains route south to north, driving to the intersection and turn right at the intersection and path went west female victims Cuimou driving electric cars collided, resulting in only 16 year old Choi died on the spot. After the police found that the driver of the vehicle accident full responsibility for the accident. The traffic police team was convicted of an offence, compensate the victims 100 thousand yuan accident made, Choi’s parents said, the police in the investigation process of illegal vehicles, selection of illegal acts in the intersection and is not set or avoid diversion signs, there is clearly inappropriate, the behavior is caused by traffic accidents, Cuimou death one of the reasons, Jiaozuo city traffic police detachment compensation. Court of first instance held that the traffic police detachment in the case constitutes an offense, and there is a causal relationship between the above acts and the consequences of the case. The court then sentenced the traffic police detachment to compensate the victim’s death compensation, funeral expenses 90 thousand yuan, mental damage solatium of $10 thousand, a total of 100 thousand yuan. After the judgment of the first instance, the traffic police detachment appealed that the traffic police investigation is illegal acts of duty, the accident has been made to determine the responsibility of the police, the traffic police team should not assume responsibility, etc.. The second subdivision responsibility, traffic police brigade police team appeal was dismissed after the appeal, the Jiaozuo intermediate people’s Court of second instance that, traffic police detachment in the investigation of road traffic safety violations, no choice does not interfere with the road traffic and security sites, nor to set the direction of the car flow, or avoid the mark, its behavior objectively increased. The risk of vehicle location passing vehicles and pedestrians, resulting in the accident is illegal. However, this accident damages, illegal violations and traffic police detachment, the driver of the vehicle, the same damage occurred in two separate acts indirectly interaction consequences, belong to "due to a fruit, do not assume joint liability between each other, which is based on the two the 6相关的主题文章: