I’m waiting for you in Xitang beself

I’m waiting for you in Xitang – Xitang tourism Sohu — inadvertently, let your heart of Xitang, simple and elegant, quiet and gentle, sepsis and leisurely, like a touch of ink painting, in the casual, then let your heart. Whether you want to travel alone, in the misty rain in the wind and rain far Tingqin, smell tea; or to hold TA’s hand, walking in the corridor of the "lean on the floor, listening to the storm, energy-saving": the ancient town of Xitang is the best choice for you. It is one that you look off your heart; you stay one night will hold your life the Millennium town. About Xitang Cuisine: stinky tofu: stinky tofu is a spread in the whole of China and other parts of the world of fermented bean curd products, but in the production of various ways, there are considerable differences in eating methods. Stinky tofu stinky tofu and stinky tofu two kinds of milk, are quite popular snacks. Stinky tofu milk served as imperial dishes to the court by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s favorite, thanks to the pro Imperial Green party. (tube granny Stinky tofu cake Gorgon euryale): it is said that is one of the beneficial herbs, but the local Gorgon cake do not taste sweet soft, no smell. Gorgon cake has many popular tastes. Join the Gorgon pollen and honey, making YISHION manual process, the appearance of "delicate and shiny", "taste sweet but not greasy, soft and chewy". (common shop): small wonton wonton as Chinese classic pasta snacks, not only has a unique appearance and taste, but also embodies the unique culture of Chinese pasta, although North and South are two of the wonton wonton, but it eat and connotation are have different understanding. Northerners forthright and open-minded, therefore, North wonton naturally penetrate this character, filling large, narrow soup, not only can satisfy their craving, more can be used for a full stomach. While the southern character reveals a more delicate and brilliant, so in the packet on the north and the wonton has very big difference, delicate appearance, exquisite, thin small wonton stuffing, the translucent, with small diced green onion, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate and a particle of lard to open, have a kind of secular the fragrance is unique. Unique shape, fine workmanship, with carefully brewed fresh soup, soup, fresh and delicious, tender and delicious stuffing. To be placed in a pot, transparent with wonton boiling water through the so-called "three three sink float", can be called perfect. Bean curd: Xitang bean curd ingredients is salty, put a small shrimp seaweed, made of white water bean to be placed on a large barrel, such as the customer required, the boss immediately scoop out a few pots, heat after placed in a bowl, and sprinkle with onion and mustard flowers, taste delicious at the same time, taste tender and fragrant, called the eyebrows. And the nutritional value of soy products is very high, regular consumption of great benefits to the body. (in between, misty rain promenade Laifeng Yongning bridge and the bridge has a specially made bean curd shop Xitang Qian’s ancestral bean curd, also sell mung bean vermicelli, acid flavor, unique.) Traditional dishes: steamed pork with rice flour steamed pork with rice flour Town, five kinds of adjustable bywaysun. Using appropriate Wuhua rib meat, spiced bean curd and Fried rice noodles, fresh lotus leaf, with cloves, star anise, soy sauce, soy sauce and other spices refined.相关的主题文章: