Inner Mongolia announced the Swan hunt conclusion human poaching caused by Beijing – Administration stand by me shinee

Inner Mongolia announced the "Swan hunt" conclusion: human poaching caused by Beijing Administration – Beijing gol on 25 October, (reporter Li Aiping) the continuous fermentation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Zhenglanqi "Swan hunting event", the official confirmed on the evening of 25, the case along with the Department of criminal cases, and initially identified as "human administration due to poaching". At present, the police have launched an investigation to crack the case. Zhenglanqi County Government Office 25 evening news bulletin said: according to foreign inspection report issued by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region authoritative testing organizations, has ruled out the possibility of infection of avian influenza and Newcastle disease virus killed two. Submission of samples detected in birds dead grams of Budweiser components, initially identified as caused by human poaching administration, is a criminal case. The bulletin shows that the local has on the overall strengthening of field control, the dead body of harmless treatment and ecological environmental monitoring work, expand the scope of the warning area, prevent people and animals to take measures to avoid accidents continue to drive away birds. Notification also said that local officials also organized the food and drug administration, industry and commerce, forestry, forest public security departments to conduct joint law enforcement inspection on the restaurant and the farmers market, once found the wild animal and its products, illegal transactions, handled in accordance with the law. Much attention to the outside world, Inner Mongolia Swan hunting incident, the first source of social media. 24, China has a wide range of media attention. Earlier, the official notification display, Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi "Swan hunting event", found a total of 259 dead birds, the Little Swan 233, mallard was 26, there were no injuries. (end)相关的主题文章: