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IPhone  7 released today   equipped with iOS10 routines or sincerity? –IT– people’s original title: iPhone 7 today released with iOS10 routines or sincerity? This reporter received an invitation to release iPhone 7. Reporters saw yesterday outside the venue, the venue has been all ready, on-site security is very strict. (quiet San Francisco shooting) reporter saw outside the venue yesterday, the venue has everything ready, site security is very strict. (quiet San Francisco shooting) has targeted many brand new iPhone headset market. IOS 10 is about to upgrade. Improve water resistance, may be a new generation of a major aspect. Samsung Note 7. This morning, the 7 Party iPhone. As early as 1 weeks before launch, the news has leaked to assorted — the new iPhone screen size is still a continuation of 4.7 to 5.5 inches, the main changes from the details, for example, to cancel the 3.5mm audio interface enhanced camera; system, will be equipped with the new iOS 10…… Everything seems to be expected in the face of apple, so the upgrade "routine", although the fruit powder surprise is limited, but the sense of security is properly properly. Coincidentally, as a rival to the iPhone, the day before, Samsung announced the recall of the GalaxyNote 7 mobile phone just released soon on a global scale, and provide new machine service for users. Analysts believe that, on the occasion of Apple’s release of iPhone 7, Samsung implemented the recall, apple iPhone market share is conducive to upgrading. Of course, all to be officially released iPhone 7, is the beginning of the market test. Hardware manufacturers eager headset as early as a few weeks ago, about iPhone 7 3.5mm headset interface will cancel the earliest confirmed news. From 3 to start iPhone, 3.5mm headset interface is iPhone the "standard", but in iPhone 7, headset interface and charging interface will be "two in one", also means that the new machine will be the standard Lightning EarPods interface headset, wireless headset or even EarPods. It is reported that the cancellation of the 3.5mm headset interface, on the one hand to make the body more complete; on the other hand, to allow iPhone to enhance the water resistance. According to the headset manufacturers day before the "action", the Lightning interface headset will have many choices, and many big brands. Like at the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show, Libratone, Jabra, Sony, Griffin, Audeze, Bowers& Wilkins, YEVO, Bragi are all well-known headset manufacturers have released the latest wireless headset with Bluetooth headset Lightning. In addition, whether the new generation of iPhone will eventually be equipped with dual cameras, dual cameras from the beginning of this year has become the mobile phone industry, high相关的主题文章: