It’s getting harder to see a real actress! Now even the airport photo shoot (video) tinyos

It’s getting harder to see a real actress! Now even the airport photo shoot? More and more female stars go "fashion" people, increasingly intense competition. Female stars are not satisfied with the public display, the war spread to the airport…… "False. Airport shoot" came into being, what is "fake. Airport shoot"? It conforms to the following elements: 1: the photographer, not squatting at the airport paparazzi, eat melon masses, but the star team or have partnerships with fashion media; 2 pictures: clean background, few passers-by into chaos, as if at the airport to rent a studio. 3: Modeling for the realization of the fashion to maximize the purpose of comfort, the degree of rationality is secondary, not on the plane and then change a body. 4: Star makeup hair complete, photos are too intensive, a map in the interpretation of a number of pose. Yang Mi Baby autumn explosion again swept the resolution "all" wife "fake goods from clothing. What is the airport take the meaning of existence, it also has the following reasons: 1: some star awareness is not enough, not easy to dress up in the airport without media coverage. Simply self spontaneous, create their own promotional opportunities. 2: the airport has become an important battlefield actress PK grade, the star of this growing emphasis on female. 3: the need for brand implants, a lot of well-known actress, every time they come out of the airport, are shouldering the task of brand display. True airport shoot angle random, can not fully display the whole body equipment. Shen Mengchen is a fake. The production of large airports, shot a year since P N sold self-produced spontaneous Airport photo. For a long time, also posed a lot of gulina Karzai "false. Take airport"…… "Fake. Airport shoot" the emergence of what is wrong? Actress more than a propaganda channel! Just love to watch the melon eat some of the masses lost. Usually see the stars, are stylist packaged products, according to a rare airport restore their true taste (or really love what to wear), now even the channels are blocked! There is that those who follow the airport to shoot the same section of the search for the child, the more easy to step on the pit! Fortunately, the airport take off. "Still not fully monopolized the airport, the first half of this year," according to the airport, you still show us a lot. The airport really shot, this is their most love clothes by plane. Yang Mi airport as an absolute big shot, Yang Mi now do not engage in false airport shoot this set (before 2014 or some). Flow out of the airport pat, the basic is wysiwyg. The large power power board, the most common form is a loose shirt + trousers show legs is the key. Hats, sunglasses, handbags and other accessories of fashion and female star in the details of the style. The collocation scheme of comfortable and fashionable, unique BUG, in fact do not consciously deviation from her manners, casual dress, need more straight forward to support, or accidentally gone ratio and gas spirit. Victoria Song fake airport shot in the Victoria Song, the shape is more simple, more in line with the mainstream aesthetic. I beat Victoria Song in the airport, it is a "what style dare body" curious girl, hot bustling prosperous, is her most love style. Of course, the failure rate will be relatively high. Lin?相关的主题文章: