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Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect killed 48 police intervention – Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect caused 48 deaths in September 26th, Yokohama big media reporters gathered outside the hospital. Morning news reporter Xu Huifen reported that the Japanese city of Yokohama big mouth hospital poison murder intensified. Earlier, police confirmed that two patients because of "poison drop" poisoning, but according to Japan’s Kyodo News 29 reported that during the period from July to September 20th, two people were hospitalized in the 4 floor of a total of 48 people were killed, at present, the Japanese police investigation. Hospital patients died is a little more located in Yokohama County of Kanagawa City, Japan’s big hospital, is a specialized hospital equipment department and Department of orthopedics and Rehabilitation Department of the hospital, a total of 85 beds, receiving the patients are mostly elderly patients, many seriously ill patients. Although many elderly patients with serious illness in the hospital, but over the past two months, the number of patients died in the hospital is still a little more. The relevant personnel Kyodo News 29, citing the hospital revealed that in late August and mid September respectively appeared one day 5 people died and 4 people, but the hospital did not find the situation of nosocomial infection, so that it is caused by an increase in critically ill patients. Nurses found abnormal alarm transfusion bag thing in September 20th is now a clue. Around 10 p.m. on September 19th, Yamaki Nobuo, a 88 year old patient, finished the last drop. 20 early morning, eight volumes of death. The nurse found that eight volumes of the infusion bag is abnormal, then the alarm. Judicial autopsy results show that the eight volume for poisoning death. It is reported that the remains of the body from the eight volumes and its use in the infusion bag were detected in detergent or pharmaceutical products, including the composition of the surfactant. Kanagawa County police suspect it was a case of foreign body ingestion by infusion of the murder of the patient, and then investigate. In September 26th, the police announced the evening of September 18th in the hospital died in a 88 year old patient Xichuan? Tibet also died of poisoning in the Department, the remains were also detected in the same surfactant composition. Kyodo news agency said 29, in the hospital on the ground floor of the nurse station in the remaining 4 bags of unused infusion bag, the police found that about 10 bags of surfactants mixed with traces of the left in the bag, the police found that about 50 bags. Investigators said the small pinhole was found in rubber seals the infusion bag on the bolt. The task force believes that it is likely that someone with a syringe will be mixed with surfactant infusion bag. (Zhang Hua, Gao Hongxia dimension: commissioning editor) original title: Japanese hospital "poison drop" murder suspect killed 48 people "to be familiar with medical device for people" analysis, which is likely to be familiar with the situation of hospital violence crime. On the one hand, these holes in the rubber seal plug infusion bag, the bag does not leave holes or obvious signs. Intravenous injection, rubber seal will be stripped, and the rubber is elastic, so can not see clearly through the needle marks, so the police suspect should be familiar to the medical people. In addition, the perpetrators should be familiar with hospital care相关的主题文章: