Kangxi is very worried about what the extraordinary skill of craftsmen who write imperial poetry meyou

Kangxi is very worried about what the extraordinary skill of craftsmen who write imperial poetry? Core tip: in Lei Jinyu’s inscription also recorded this story. Kangxi imperial poetry "changchunyuan Ji", also specifically mentioned an extraordinary skill craftsman, he has been very concerned about. After this, Lei Jinyu was involved in many engineering projects in the western suburbs of the park.   Old Summer Palace forty king of all in peace, nine years of Qianlong (1744) data from the chart: people.com.cn, author: Jing Tao compiled, the original title: stay in Old Summer Palace on the red wall Lei "in the construction of the Old Summer Palace six 0 emperors and painters just like the beauty and reality put on the paper, and the specific implementation of the construction is in the Queen’s Palace – style housing construction company. The Queen’s pioneer institutions built is the famous "Lei" family. Lei Jinyu risked an "beam Lei ancestral home Jiangxi Yongxiu, Kangxi twenty-two years (1683) the first generation developed by Jiangning (Nanjing) to Beijing, to the seventh generation of Lei Tingchang in the Guangxu Dynasty died, the seven generation of Ray’s Royal Palace, garden, Mausoleum and temple Ya Department, design and construction. Because Lei Jia generations is the Qing government style real palm leader (with people today say is chief architect), it was the world known as the "lei". In some folk legends, trying to tell people: why an ordinary craftsman can become the chief architect Yibudengtian, Royal building. Legend has it that the story took place in the Qing Dynasty palace of a renovation project, the first generation of the carpenter’s thunder caused the attention of emperor Kangxi. That is the middle of Kangxi rebuilt the Taihe palace, when close to the completion of the project, to be held in a beam activity, this is a solemn ceremony, the equivalent of us now, feeling the ribbon foundation stone laying ceremony. "What" ceremony that day, Emperor Kangxi to the hall of Supreme Harmony, we are all very nervous, at the crucial moment of the beam, the beam may be official woodworking technology is not good, Ann ridge purlin for a long time, she is not on the tenon rivet. Department officials at the time of the host are anxious, because if this is not successful, may be someone off. Finally, the developed ray beam loading up to, but he is just a craftsman, to do the work at least to have seven office. His boss Ma died as a live call, he put on the robes. So, ray developed sleeves contained a small axe, climbed as a few axes, extraordinary skill, easily installed. Later, Kangxi looked very appreciate, on the spot closed seven officers, when the real case of the palm style. In the historical records, Taihe palace had two times of reconstruction, but for the first time in eight years of Kangxi (1669), the ray is still the future of Beijing, second occurred in the thirty-four years of Kangxi (1695), and ray developed died two years. That is to say, ray developed can not participate in the reconstruction of the temple. Taihe Temple breathtaking scene is so legendary, historians to research this story, it is found that the Lei family in the "grafting", the protagonist of the story is the son of Lei Jinyu ray developed. "What" is not in the Forbidden City but in changchunyuan. With the father of Lei Jinyu North beijing.相关的主题文章: