Labor star has Feiyang workers to accept foreign funded extreme rights – Sohu news

"Labor star" has Feiyang receiving funds from abroad workers rights extreme – Sohu news in September 26, 2016, Panyu District Guangzhou people’s Court of Guangdong province held a public hearing Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei to disturb the social order case. On the court, Feiyang et al had admitted that their service department for peasant workers in Guangzhou City, Panyu District City, West Bridge (Department of industry and commerce registration has been canceled) as a platform for long-term acceptance of overseas organization funding and training, organization of labour activism in china. The public prosecutor pointed out that during the trial, due to rights must take legal means to achieve, must not rely on the defendant had Feiyang service department this is no legal registration organization, rely on the form of a mob. The court held that the defendant Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei ignore national laws, to disturb the social order, the circumstances are serious, the enterprise production can not be carried out, resulting in serious losses, their behavior had constituted the crime mob to disturb social order. Ceng Feiyang disrupt the production order behavior in the in charge of planning, directing, arrange the other defendant’s work, is the primary molecular. Tang Huanxing is responsible for the network media propaganda, expand the "service" influence; Zhu Xiaomei is responsible for the organization management, is responsible for propaganda, encouraging the company employees. Tang Huanxing and Zhu Xiaomei are actively involved in the mob disrupt the production order, are active participants. The court three commits the crime mob to disturb social order, for repentance and statutory mitigating circumstances: the decision was Feiyang was sentenced to three years imprisonment and four years probation; Tang Huanxing imprisonment for one year and six months, suspended for two years; Zhu Xiaomei sentenced to one year and six months, suspended for two years. The three defendants pleaded guilty repentance, obedience to the court decision, not to appeal. The "double" of Ceng Feiyang from 24 to 42 years old, with two digit transposition metaphor has subversive Feiyang life. At the age of 24, he participated in the establishment of Panyu service department for peasant workers (hereinafter referred to as the "services"), by providing legal assistance for workers rights, gradually become the darling of the media, known as "Union Star", "person of the year". At the age of 42, in September 26, 2016, he stood on the dock, Guangzhou Panyu District City People’s court held a public hearing Ceng Feiyang alleged mob to disturb social order case. Almost no one was aware of his secret side, with free rights as a pretext, the long-term acceptance of foreign funded organizations in the territory to intervene in labor disputes, seriously disrupting social order. The morning of September 26th 9, Feiyang had stood on the dock, at the age of 42, his gray hair, wearing a white linen coat, wearing black rimmed glasses. Five hours of the trial, Feiyang had pleaded guilty repentance, obedience to the court, apologize to the bow. In past reports, Feiyang was described as a rights fighter. Have Feiyang readme, 1996 from the South China Normal University law school graduate entry to Shaoguan to participate in the work, the Nanxiong Municipal Bureau of justice office clerk, exit 9 months later due to personal reasons. October 1997 to August 1998 to work in a law firm in Guangzhou, then took over the Ministry of labor service相关的主题文章: