Leaves yellow, hawthorn red, it is necessary to go down to the village of Beijing, Yanqing, the vill nvidia geforce gt 740m

Yellow leaves, hawthorn red, should go to Beijing Yanqing Hu Jiao Cun Abstract haw Sohu tourism integrity the weather is fine, I am an invigorating autumn climate, a stay at home all the friends, know that I love to run wild nature, spur of the moment I went to Beijing and Yanqing about the tiger village called for a day. Under the name Tiger Village belonging to Fort Liu Bin Township in Yanqing County, is located in Yan Liu Lu Bei Shan ditch, North Village on the tiger. Because there was a tiger in the past named. Now the tiger called village of course no tigers, there is one called "Hawthorn courtyard" very good. We drove all the way to the next Tiger Village, the scenery is wonderful, the yellow leaves falling, with the full autumn outing, telling people a good mood. The Tiger Village at night, our accommodation, is called "Hawthorn yard area near the famous village resort. "The outdoor landscape of Hawthorn courtyard" very rural and very exquisite furnishings, is a bold new, every piece of furniture in the room are modern design, only a little rustic style, making both the convenience of city life and rural scenery, pleasant. In the room after a little rest, small courtyard housekeeper ready for dinner to entertain us, before the meal dessert from sweet potato, corn and fruits, both the solution drove the fatigue, but also brought back our appetite. The staple food is the chef’s specialty — tomato egg noodles. Although we have eaten a lot of kinds of tomato and egg noodles, but never eaten so authentic. The chef’s knife is absolutely first-class, noodle, soup is very delicious, with a strong flavor of the farm, like praise points! The second day early in the morning, we went up the mountain to pick mushrooms. In autumn, the mountain big brown, only a small part of trees strong dressed in a green coat. Curved mountain road, at the foot of the villagers out of the way, we stepped on a road of yellow leaves, we found a lot of mushrooms. Some bright colors, some dark, in the village under the guidance, we picked some non-toxic mushrooms, turn a circle around the mountain just down the hill. Noon to eat steamed buckwheat bread is now, taste sweet and delicious. After dinner, we walk in the village to see the village people are doing his farm, everyone’s face with the joy of harvest. The smile on their faces is very pure, and this kind of smile, in the noisy city, I have not seen for a long time. After lunch break, the villagers have already started to work, and we also came to the ground, ready to help the villagers pull together radish. The leaves on the big turnip and green, pull out the radish is plump, looks very lovable. After pulling out the radish, we went to pick the hawthorn. This is hawthorn ripe, a big and red, looks very appetizing. After picking Hawthorn back home, the village elder sister also deliberately give us Hawthorn drink, sweet and sour taste, absolutely not other added pigment than the beverage. Eat in the evening is Hot pot is used, the morning and afternoon picks the mushroom pull radish, and the farmers themselves grinding tofu, and then prepared some vegetables and meat, cooked with the pot, a bunch of people.相关的主题文章: