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During the period of migrant men missing typhoon Fujian Dongqiao multi sectoral joint search and rescue – the new network is missing man fell into the water area. Lv Qiaoqin pictured relatives search and rescue, near a bus station to eat fast food. Lv Qiaoqin pictured relatives by intermittent search in the gully on the. Lv Qiaoqin photo Beijing, Ningde, September 29, (Lv Qiaoqin leafy) during this year of seventeenth typhoon "catfish" 28, landing in Fujian, bringing heavy rain to the city of Ningde. A work in Ningde Guizhou 23 year old man Li Shan, a brook located in Dongqiao area near the village of Tashan, fell into the water disappeared. As of press time reporter 29, search and rescue operations are still carried out, Lee has not yet found. In new network reporter on the scene saw that day, some relatives in the Li mountain streams, using tools such as canoeing, rake, and search and rescue personnel, search along the river; and on the other side of the river, connected with East Lake Tong, rescue personnel and 4 relatives arrived in 2 boats, the lake surface area search. Li Shan’s cousin Li Ju, is the scene in the search of relatives. He told reporters, 28, 13 PM, he and Li Shan 5 people along the river next to a flooded road walk, Li Shan was picking up a walkie talkie, walking and playing, because not familiar with the road, to see along the road, accidentally caikong fall into rivers. After falling down, Lee Hill for help, I hurried to catch, caught his hand, and then I was brought into the water." Li Ju said, when the water depth is about 3 meters, the water is very urgent, he can not swim, they quickly to the edge of the edge, clutching the tires and some debris up, after the shore to look back, they saw no trace of Li Shan. After the incident, Li Ju immediately alarm, Tang East Lake overseas Chinese farm reserve emergency unit, public security, fire protection, Ningde Army Reserve Haiphong and other departments have arrived at the scene to rescue more than 10 relatives Li Shan also spontaneously joined the rescue team. Search and rescue has continued until 28 PM, when the evening of 8, but has not been searching for lee. East Lake overseas Chinese farm director assistant Liao Jiacai Tang said, ditch water, flood caused more garbage, water needs and other factors, resulting in the difficulty of the search and rescue, search and rescue can only take the visual and bamboo sticks on the evening of 28; it was already dark, search suspended, 7 point 29 in the morning, many departments in accordance with the pre case 28, again search. The face has been unable to find Li Shan, cousin Li was so anxious, also feel guilty. "He came to work my name, to come to Ningde for 3 months, feeling sorry, my heart really uncomfortable." Lee said, 28, we went to the park to play together, did not see the warning signs back, did not expect such a thing would happen. It is understood that Li Shan was born in a poor family, his father died a few years ago, over 5 years unemployed mother, his wife with children at home, the child is 1 years old; Li Shan is the eldest son in the family, and one on the first day, 15 year old brother, so he is the only home in labor. After the event, Li Shan’s mother and family can not accept this fact." Li said, hoping to rescue has been found, cousin, if there is no hope of living, at least to salvage the remains. Cut)相关的主题文章: