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National city prices rose Wuxi topped   second city rose as the main force of Finance — original title: National City prices rose Wuxi topped the second tier city rose as the main force in September 1st according to the China Index Research Institute released August "Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan property prices in August QoQ rose into the national top 7". August hundred cities nationwide property prices rose 10, in addition to Shanghai as the first tier cities, other cities are second tier cities. National city prices rose Wuxi topped the "Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index in August shows that the Zhuhai property prices to an increase of 6.4%, with national city prices rose up after Wuxi. Foshan property prices to 4.86% QoQ increase, ranked 100 city property prices list fifth, after Wuxi, Zhuhai, or Kunshan, Langfang, Shanghai and even put behind them. Dongguan to 3.85% QoQ, beyond Hangzhou, the country’s top 100 property prices rose list of the seventh. This year, Zhuhai property prices have risen for 8 consecutive months, the cumulative increase of up to 8 months of 27.3%. Zhuhai in August the average price of 17922 yuan square meters, up by 6.4%, or the national ranking of second. According to the survey of the middle finger, August Foshan average price of 9968 yuan square meters, an increase of 4.86%, an increase of up to 18.27%. The Foshan housing construction sector has not yet announced the transaction data in August, this refers to the price index of Foshan or the actual transaction price is slightly deviation, but the deviation should not be too large. Foshan Zhongyuan data also show that in August Foshan property prices 9637 yuan square meters, essentially flat with last month. The average transaction price of 13031 yuan in Dongguan in August square meters, the chain rose by 3.85%. Currently, Dongguan 23 regional housing prices, including the 6 regional break 20 thousand". The status quo: price volume dropped while prices "up" the word, but the relevant data from the view, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, August a market turnover has a downward trend. Zhuhai city commercial housing pre-sale network data show that in August Zhuhai signed 5970 sets of real estate, net signed area of 525 thousand square meters, a decline of 17% and 18% respectively in July. Among them, a residential net signed 5159 units, net signed area of 497 thousand square meters; a commercial housing net signed 114 units, net signed area of 10 thousand and 200 square meters; the primary building net signed 154 units, net signed area of 17 thousand and 300 square meters; other types of property net signed 415 sets. Foshan turnover also showed a slight downward trend. Foshan in July, the first floor of a single month turnover of 15757 units, a record high, but in August a slight decline in the market. According to the data released by the Foshan Centaline, August Foshan turnover area of 1 million 882 thousand square meters, about 1% of the decline, but the data still remains at the peak, the current Foshan market is still in short supply situation. August Dongguan primary residential turnover slightly tragic". Hopefluent (Chinese)相关的主题文章: