National day seven days legend the eternal 4 District Zaixian boom PK day

National day seven days "legend" 4 district open another eternal 7.8 PK boom CGWR score novice card booking | eternal legend area on Friday (September 29th) 14 PM, "the legend of the eternal" flourishing open new service day. After the opening service game player, flocking, rising popularity, unusually hot, on the mainland MafA will once again set off a frenzy of PK. Also coincides with the National Day holiday approaching, the official launch of the five activities, and all the fun. Reward a lot, surprise again and again, do not miss oh! During the national day seven days "4 zone" legend eternal Kaitian Zaixian PK boom experience every day free access to the National Day holiday, landing the game to NPC game player can receive free lucrative role experience; if you are willing to spend some gold can not only receive more experience, and the sea tickets, Ming aragonite, birthday gift and other luxury gift. Dad never miss the grade leveling left behind. Activity time: October 1st 0 -10 15 24 point area served: serving the whole region (day except) reward: massive experience, nether sea tickets, birthday gift, stone inscription experience every day receive free travel practice two. Of course, this holiday, also dedicated to the motherland’s birthday, a tiny bit don’t distract game player. To this end, the game specially prepared for "collection", just before the holiday to receive NPC, after the holiday experience can be converted into another. A piece may be made easily, the game player and the utter innocence, the level of the problem in their game. "For the book" you deserve! Activity time: September 28th 0 – October 9th 24 point area served: serving the whole region (day except) reward: massive experience travel practice two. Enjoy the fireworks gift during the birthday of the motherland, the daily 20 points, 24 points, the city will host a large beach smoke flower festival. The presence of the beautiful fireworks can not only watch the game player to the official discharge, but also to the NPC to buy fireworks, and all the fun at the same time, but also obtain the celebration fireworks package, including a number of blessed oil, Ming aragonite, birthday gift and other gift. In the period of fireworks, the city will also appear "small fireworks", click to harvest experience, "birthday gift" surprise feedback. Activity time: October 1st -10 month 7 days, every 20 -24 area served: serving the whole region (day except) reward: some blessed oil, Ming aragonite, birthday gift stage, Lingshi fireworks to enjoy the gift from permanent tribute to try their luck during the national day, the login game player can get involved in these activities birthday gift". Collect a certain number of birthday gift, birthday gift to NPC at the exchange. Open the birthday gift will have the opportunity to gain experience, hell sea tickets, blessing oil, Ming jewelry and other rare items, Zuma aragonite. Hand "birthday gift" game player don’t forget to try their luck! Activity time: 0 points on September 28th -10 on August 18, 24.相关的主题文章: