Nishikori several times have been ruthless suppression of the counterattack he can leave proud tianbi

Nishikori several times have been ruthless suppression of the counterattack he can proudly leave nishikori sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 10th message, four suffered a reversal stop nishikori Stanislas four. Although not again reached the Grand Slam finals, but nishikori can beat Murray into the semi-finals is quite remarkable, today face a more powerful Asian leader Wawrinka, backward situation pursues tenaciously, ultimately failed to play staged a reversal, he also lost for the U.S. Open Series huge bonus opportunities. Today, in the face of strong Wawrinka, nishikori has a pretty good start, Japanese first completed a break, 6-4 head start. Second organization Guyana Panjin start to complete the break, but after continuous upgrade Wawrinka break, regain a 7-5. Open the hot and humid weather to nishikori brings a big challenge, physical fitness is obviously insufficient in Asia a 1-4 down in the third set, but he did not give up, broke back after the score to 4-5, but at a critical moment he once again been broken, sorry to lose the third set. Fourth Stan 3-0 leading by kei to catch the score 3-2, but ultimately lost in the opponent shot. Although today lost to Wawrinka, but nishikori can reached the semi-finals has been very great. The current US Asia a remarkable performance, he has defeated Benjamin Becker, Haqianuofu Ma Hu, Hector Karlovic reached the quarterfinals. 14 the final against No. 2 seed Murray, nishikori twice behind twice to tie, the final 7-5 victory in the decider, fightback on, second times in the US Open semi-finals. Today the face No. 3 seed Valinka, nishikori start is quite amazing, although subject to physical limitations can not fully play, but Asian brother show at the critical moment of toughness. After the two set in the nishikori passive, but he took the initiative to change ideas, seeking access to suppress opponents, has not given up hope of counterattack. Although a few degrees behind, a few times to catch up, but ultimately failed to reverse again. Today is nishikori exhausting, but Wawrinka is more powerful, losing to the Swiss is not regret. Before the US open two station masters nishikori also have to play well, he scored the final defeat to Djokovic in the Rodgers cup, Cincinnati scored 16 is lost to Tomic, but this does not prevent Japanese has become the US Open series championship. One would have hoped the impact of the Asian Open champion, additional incentives to compete for $1 million, but after the semi-final, losing for the U.S. Open series nishikori huge bonus opportunity. In fact, in the past 12 years, only two men were successful harvest awards, Federer in 2007 and Nadal in 2013, they broke the record in winning the US Open champion prize that year. The 2016 season is still very fruitful for nishikori, Japanese scored 14 in the Australian Open final defeat to Djokovic, the French Open and Wimbledon also reached the top 16, the U.S. is the semi-finals. The Asian elder brother have reached the final at the Miami Masters Cup, Rodgers masters, Barcelona and Memphis, Madrid and Rome two station masters back into the semi-finals, Rio)相关的主题文章: