No make-up grooming or random trimming Any kinds do not free (video)

No make-up grooming or random trimming? Any kinds do not free source: small world beauty report as saying, as a small series of lazy, usually time rather than eye makeup, forget not grooming. After all, a round face, nose collapse usually…… after wiping the foundation, especially a white color than the original color, face will appear in some of the larger than before to (outline features are weakened the foundation). "Zhang Xinwan 2014 in H& M big show with Miranda Kerr photo, netizens ridicule" crayon". In fact, also cannot blame users, after all photos of Zhang Xinwan, the painted dead white to shine, almost indiscernible facial contours of the face, like a big white bread spread. And as Westerners have three-dimensional facial features coupled with the European bloc Dafa Kerr stand together, Zhang Xinwan this is not in any death (help amount)?! After a long rumored Network & comparison chart. Can only say & fix, rather than cut face bone. Although our Oriental people in pursuit of the gentle and soft makeup, not like the people of Europe and the United States as often under the heavy hand to repair, but not repair have a disadvantage you really made? The pony God told us of the repair capacity of skills to reach the acme of perfection, if you face, you must make more small face by trimming. Part 1: tolerance study time (knock on the blackboard) "theory, playing various facial shadows in high light position about figure. According to the face contour is the hard truth. Part 2: the strength of small time is always grass powder repair capacity, especially beginners. On the one hand, powdered natural repair capacity, even if the painting was not good and not harm the paste. On the other hand cream & accidentally becomes dirty and makeup, makeup rather than powder weight. 1.Kate color of eyebrow, you’re not wrong, this is Kate’s eyebrow. Kate eyebrow color is reasonable, can have Kate eyebrow part-time bronzing powder, save get b.. After all, in the make-up world, there is no fundamental limit between each single product. 2 disc Bronzer bronzing powder too cool for school is the art class and 3CE three color stereo bronzing powder color bronzing powder. These two are the coexistence of shadow high light. The color is not abrupt, a sense of the natural makeup, suitable for Asian woman warm yellow, the nose can fix shadow silhouette. The too cool school for is a young Korean makeup brand, with a personalized cute packaging. Of course, the price is also very beautiful, generally speaking, cost-effective. Cut the sister of this plate has a lot of people recommend. 3.sleek bronzing powder series sleek known as Britain’s national cosmetics brand, price, packaging elegant, silty (especially new and improved later) color is great. PS: it’s home to mineral 12 color eye shadow series from the color and powder, simply can not be better! Xiao Bian I said that the color of the disk is really easy to use die! Europe and the United States Department of make-up hairdressing are reddish brown, so sleek is more suitable for the skin is white girl, will play particularly significant face contour profile. With Europe and the United States Department of the repair capacity of products will be easier to draw and partial three-dimensional makeup, therefore a little.相关的主题文章: