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The baby is sick again due to indigestion blame Sohu in children due to maternal diet can not self control, often due to a common pediatric diet, improper feeding, injury, milk and food stop product, gastrointestinal dysfunction of spleen in transport division caused by the spleen and stomach disease. Is the traditional Chinese medicine, indigestion. If the children eat too much, or too high nutrition, more than the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach function. At this time a lot of food can not be digested and absorbed in time. As a result, it will damage the spleen and stomach function, the digestion and absorption function, thus forming the indigestion. And then the heat is smoldering fire, thick tongue, bad breath, lip red, yellow urine, dry stool, usually well behaved children make people become irritable. The child indigestion, hurt the stomach, but will appear anorexia, vomiting and constipation, diarrhea and other digestive system diseases, once the cold, they formed outside the heat and cold, namely Chinese medicine said "Lantern fire", appeared to have a fever, cough, bronchitis or pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Many parents do not understand children dyspepsia affect the digestive function, how will have a fever, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases related to these? This will explain from the Chinese will be able to get through, causing indigestion have a fever called "heat", food stagnation in the middle, stagnation will be a long time of heat, thermal evaporation on the inside, the child’s temperature will go up. How to cough due to indigestion, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases related to this, the ancient records of the "spleen and stomach": "the spleen lung disease". TCM believes that among the five organs are linked. Dyspepsia may lead to dysfunction of spleen and stomach, then affects the lungs, spleen is the source of phlegm, lung is a reservoir of phlegm. Indigestion is too long, the spleen and stomach, it is easy to transport disorder phlegm, phlegm storage in the lung, causes coughing. Phlegm obstructing lung, ikuhisa heat, lung injury. Popular that phlegm block in the lungs, coupled with lower immunity, secondary bacterial infection, bronchitis or pneumonia. Once the sick children is a transfusion, infusion decreased immune function, decreased immune function after conditioning and not timely soon get sick again, then Ill infusion, child health is getting worse, repeated transfusion vicious spiral, recurrent respiratory tract infection formation. Multiple sense. This kind of child is very common in clinic. As a parent, how to discover the child indigestion? If the child appears the following symptoms, the children appear indigestion; sleep not stop turning, sometimes molar; stomach swelling, stomach pain; appetite decreased significantly, loss of appetite; have bad breath, tongue thick white, both sides of the nose pale morning; at night, palms, soles of the feet, abdomen burning, or 3 children under the age of finger veins thick. Don’t give the baby to take repeated digestion medicine to prevent the baby food, some parents will often let the baby eat food, eat a meal to eat that as long as promoting digestion will not cause indigestion, the baby will be like jelly beans, one by one to eat; some parents will often give the baby to eat Wang the red pill, feeling that this is the traditional Chinese medicine, also Never mind to eat, in fact, these methods are not commonly used. Although the drug digestion can promote the baby to digest in a certain extent, but if the home.相关的主题文章:

Trump’s influence on stock car auto industry Sohu

Trump’s influence on the inventory of automobile industry automobile Sohu according to CNN reports, Trump (Donald Trump) was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States probability to become reality, so it brings the ruling with trade protectionism, or for the automotive industry, global division of labor brings new change. According to their political views, Trump pursues international trade to benefit the United States employment, to fair trade instead of free trade, imports of Chinese and Japanese, ink and other goods from other countries to increase taxes will force U.S. companies to turn back to the local employment opportunities. Trump has publicly accused the foreign investment contraction Ford and general motors in Mexico advocate investment and expand investment, and bluntly pointed out that if the elected president of the United States, will be ordered to cancel the Ford automobile company business expansion plans in Mexico. Played in the competition, Trump has repeatedly stated that the American car produced in Mexico vehicles sold back to the United States market will face high tariffs of up to 35%. The political views of Trump, the United States is to increase the employment rate, according to its introduction, the real unemployment rate is 20% and not on paper 5.6%, he was elected president after the need to put more jobs to the United States, in terms of employment, they will become the "God created the greatest president". Trump said: "Mexico is the new China", "China is our reconstruction! But they took everything from us, they taxed us, we didn’t, we’re stupid? "Apparently, the Mexico is finished, the next one is china! Trump advocated tough policy toward China, will certainly impose higher tariffs on Chinese products, whether it is China’s exports of agricultural products to the United States, or auto parts and tires and other industries. In addition, Trump is bound to advocate for investment in China’s tightening policy, U.S. car companies in China’s new investment plan or will be limited, such as Tesla, etc.. The Chinese parallel imports a huge blow Trump of course, the importance of employment based on the rectification of Chinese finished next, care should be for a long time, the Japanese car companies, TOYOTA, Honda has more than GM and Ford sales in the United States, in order to protect the development of domestic car prices, and employment rate, the Japanese car prices exports to the United States is limited. In turn, the United States in the implementation of high tariffs, while China and Japan is bound to impose high tariffs on the United States, when the United States is also bound to be affected by the car, including the development of parallel imported cars. Obviously, if Trump after the ruling, if the full implementation of its commitment to political views, the global automotive industry will face a major transformation. Brought about by the development of trade protectionism, or will drive the global economy will enter a new period of trade protectionism. In addition, the employment rate of the attention, let Trump support the protection of traditional manufacturing industry, automobile industry, so he is on the development of energy-saving and new energy will not be strong, and that the U.S. withdraw from Paris has just reached an agreement and the abolition of the environmental rules of climate. This will give just the rise of the new energy automotive industry development is facing great challenges, such as government subsidies, carbon trading mode is canceled risk.相关的主题文章:

Can I buy a trial drive Please pay attention to these things (video) jslottery

Can I buy a trial drive? Please pay attention to these things BMW try driving experience speeding fined recently in the bar to see someone asked to try driving can buy? The answer is yes, it was said that try to drive a lot of people have been driving, not their cars do not cherish, open very violent, in fact, otherwise. First of all, test drive car 4S shop owner, general configuration is very high, test drive car 4S shop is the face of good maintenance is not to say, generally every day to wipe it again, but the 4S shop car is old driver, and not a novice, do not involve violence not the problem of violence. The maximum number of customers in the car to try horsepower size, damage to the car can be ignored. Secondly, test drive car 4S shop general every 6 months for a new car, individual manufacturers will change one year, from time to get some stock cars a year backlog not sold is often the case, only the mileage (ginseng, pictures, more open inquiry). From the time also is the new car. So the test drive car can buy some hot car test drive car Never mind you can’t buy the test drive car is 4S shop from manufacturers to more than 10 percent off discount to buy, and opened a period of time so much cheaper compared to the car, then buy the test drive car when need to pay attention to what? To ensure that the car had never had an accident, as long as the people over there may be an accident, there is no danger record check. Price: no twenty percent off do not take into account, a colleague and I find someone to spend 200 thousand to buy a Volkswagen CC (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) with test drive car, so the value of. A lot stronger than the used car, when blowing with others that is a new car, buy second-hand cars and more off the surface.相关的主题文章:

A man opened the black car detained the driver threw a baby – Beijing run away thinkpad s230u

A man opened the "black car" detained the driver threw a baby run away – Beijing Nanchang newspaper (reporter Cai Yinghui) with Nanchang Wanda open playground, every weekend there are a lot of people, accordingly, to the "black car showmanship" is also increasing. In September 25th, Nanchang City Management Office of law enforcement personnel to carry out remediation, results in the investigation of the first "black car", was embarrassed…… Day 15, the Department of law enforcement officers in the Wanda Mao next to the bus station found a van is loaded. For the sake of safety, law enforcement officers to the nearby West Railway Station Square before the red light when it stopped. After opening the van door, the reporter saw the load of 7 vehicles, and even a total of the driver installed a total of 12 people. When law enforcement officers on the vehicle passengers forensics investigation, the driver of the car to a more than 1 months old baby lost in the copilot position, shouting: "you want to buckle my car, put my child buckle!" Then sped away. The presence of law enforcement officers helpless. "Such a small baby in the car, the weather was hot, have a good how to do?" Nanchang City Management Office inspection responsible person said, the child when the chips threatening law enforcement officers. It is the first time meet. Subsequently, law enforcement officers called the relevant person in charge of the police station and West Railway Station comprehensive management office, hoping to find the driver or the driver by their families. When we discuss countermeasures, had slept in the copilot of the baby woke up and cried, the law enforcement officers on the scene were panic. Finally an older player picked up the baby to coax. At this point, in the help of the people, not far away the driver was also found back. However, he still refused to pick up their children, to put his car away, he was willing to pick up their children. From 16 to 17 PM, to persuade the police station earnestly, the driver surnamed Deng finally took the baby sleep soundly, when law enforcement officers dare to leave.相关的主题文章:

Lu Dongfu served as general manager of China Railway Sheng Guangzu retirement (Figure) – ener

Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway total   Sheng Guangzu retired (Figure) – energy – original title: Lu Dongfu, total iron general manager Sheng Guangzu retired (Figure) general manager Chinese Economic Net Beijing on October 9th reported China railway company by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of transport, China Railway Bureau Director Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager Sheng Guangzu retired. On the afternoon of 9, the total iron railway work conference held in the headquarters of the phone, announced the appointment of. It is reported that the 61 year old Lu Fu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways was. After the Ministry of Railways revoked in March 2013, Lu Dongfu transferred to the newly established national railway bureau. He took over the total iron in the "number one", the National Railway Bureau vacated by who took over, there is not conclusive. According to China economic net reporter, currently a total of 5 deputy general manager of China Railway, are Lu Chunfang, Li Wenxin, Huang Min, Yang Yudong and Chen Yi, in addition, the total iron in the party discipline inspection team leader for an. Lu Dongfu resume, male, Han nationality, born in November 1955, Jiangsu Danyang people, Communist Party members, in July 1988 the international politics department of Fudan University of Political Science (Administration) graduate courses cadres, July 2001 Adult Education Institute of Shanghai Univer (evening) Graduate Management Engineering, serving a university degree, senior engineer. Worked in November 1973 Department of transportation, Shanghai Railway Bureau construction project Fifth Engineering section, third engineering section, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Communist Youth League work; in July 1988 he served as deputy director of the political department, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways office deputy director of the Propaganda Department; in January 1990 he served as Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, the railway ministry and Deputy Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision the director of December 1993; appointed party secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways Shanghai Engineering Corporation; March 1995 served as the Shanghai Railway Bureau deputy chief economist, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Shanghai City Rail Transit Pearl Line Engineering Command deputy commander, Shanghai Railway Bureau of Rail Transit Development Corporation general manager, and deputy director of the Shanghai Shanghai Railway Bureau Railway Branch Administration; November 2000 deputy director and Secretary of Party committee of Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways In July 2003, he was appointed Vice Minister and member of the Party group of the Ministry of railways; in March 2013 he was appointed Vice Minister of the Ministry of communications and transportation, a member of the Party group, Secretary of the State Railway Bureau and Secretary of the party committee. Hou Yu agency issued photo resume Mr. Sheng Sheng Guangzu, male, former general manager, Chinese Railway Corporation, Party secretary. Former Shanghai Railway Bureau Nanjing branch secretary of the Party committee, Hangzhou branch secretary, Party Secretary of Nanjing branch secretary, party secretary, deputy director and Secretary of the Party committee of Ji’nan railway bureau. In November 1994, the Ministry of Railways party members, chief economist, January 1996 served as director of the Political Department of the Ministry of Railways (vice ministerial level), Party members, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Railways in January 1999, members of the party, in April 2000 he served as deputy director of General Administration of customs, Party members, in February 2002 the General Administration of Customs deputy party secretary, deputy director of the General Administration of customs, September 2003 Deputy Secretary)相关的主题文章: