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@ Ping Luoyang campus live micro   fraud knowledge interaction — public opinion Channel – people.com.cn this week, "the national government index weekly chart" top five still by some "old face" has won, respectively is: "the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the" @ "Hangzhou release", "@ GOV.cn", @ Shanghai release "and" @ Jiangning public security online". @ Ping Luoyang this period ranked eighth, representing a 4 ranking promotion. In September 8th, two of the valiant and heroic in bearing Cagney and Lacey’s leadership, @ Ping Luoyang into the major universities in Luoyang, to carry out the "campus line" series of live events. @ Ping Luoyang small through the lens of "experience", propaganda how to improve security awareness, and take the initiative to college students, and face-to-face communication, interactive quiz about "fraud knowledge". The presence of students by administrative micro-blog "down to earth", "sweet". By actively carry out campus activities, @ Ping Luoyang "on the one hand, with the increase of people contact, narrow the distance with the public, to enhance its service ability and credibility; on the other hand through the" live "in the form of better security" new knowledge publicity, build further to promote the "smart campus" and "safe campus". As of the day before, # Ping Luoyang campus for Sina # topic has produced the amount of Reading 1 million 310 thousand. Propaganda Department of the CPC Jiangxi Municipal Committee of Xinyu Province, Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government Information Office official micro-blog @ Xinyu released this issue to enhance the ranking of 11, ranked the top thirty-eighth. In September 9th, the release of a "grape grandpa Wang Liping half generation cultivation grape sales cold case, Gong Hui Sunday market entrance grape special offer to sell you will come to you" message, triggering a more concern of Internet users. @ Xinyu release on the micro-blog platform, the initiative # released in Xinyu is willing to join you is our own brand of agricultural #, which also reflects the "@ Xinyu release", the heart of people concerned about people’s livelihood industry, hope that through new media channels, combined with the Internet thinking, to help the "local brand" has been effectively extended in the network new markets, so as to solve the Xinyu part of slow-moving agricultural products "export", enhance local economic efficiency of agriculture, increase farmers income, improving people’s life quality and level. (commissioning editor Wang Xiaohua and Zhu Minggang)相关的主题文章: